Is this game repetitive?


I’ve played war dragons for almost a year, and now I’ve suddenly lost interest. What’s so exciting about putting money into a game that does almost the same thing week in, week out, we building our base, we breed dragons, and run them up and down the same base at least 3 times a day?

This game needs more excitement and more thrill, something that keeps you on the edge waiting for more,

An example of this could be a different base format, a diverse way of training the dragons (eg, getting to level 25 experts your Kinnara. Producing 50 healing pots trains Ith, etc.) or anything to just mix the game up.


I agree. I’ve been playing for over 2 years. The only fun part to me is the people.

You have different events, but you always gets points the same way: raid a base in a layout that I’ve run too many times. It’s gets dull. Maybe have different types of games for the dragons to do, like some dragon version of fruit ninjas or something.

What event(s) do you like?

I would like to see Dragon minigames in a PvE environment : ‘Hunt your food’, ‘Roast your prey’, with extra food bonus if you do it well.

Oh and no ‘Draco go fetch chest’ animation please. Ever. Dragons are no pets.

Suggestion - Mini Games with buildable rewards

But the point is, you grow. As a player, as a team. The ‘excitement’ should be growing and training your dragons to get more interesting, exciting options. It should be scoring well in events to help progress. Even growing with your team; making goals and reaching them. When you’ve stayed in a team for a long time there is no question of quitting or getting bored of it. You get to know them.

And there’s nothing to be bored of when Dragon Riders and Atlas is / has been released. It’s a lot of new stuff to explore and get familiar with.


Question: have you played atlas yet?


The same thing can be said of many games. Chess hasn’t had many revisions in a long time yet it’s still popular. If you no longer are interested in this game, there are literally thousands of other choices in the App Store.


The difference is that Chess isn’t trying to find new ways to interest its players and PG is trying to add new interesting things to the game for players. They want this kind of feed back. Yes, there are other games players can play, but that means that WD will lose those players, which they don’t want.

FYI: Atlas hasn’t been released to all teams yet. I did play it when it was an event. It was rather different. However, in that version, you also still did the same attack base (now with towers on boats instead of land) that was in the same formation (they even still flew over the bridge even though there wasn’t an obstacle in the water lol).


I fully understand your perspective. I’ve been making two lefts and two rights for 2 1/2 years. At this point it is less about the game and more about the people I’ve met and grown to love. Without them, I would have dumped this game ages ago.


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