Is this game worth playing anymore?

Just came back on for the first time in about a year (gave my old account to a friend) and it’s a buggy mess :rofl:
What else did I miss?

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Welcome back.

You’ve been gone for a year and this is your first post on the forum since two years ago, so a LOT of things happened…

Several dragon tiers and improvements, some bumps on the road, some bugs fixes working more or less as intended. New players joining, old players leaving… Seasons passing, new divines, new towers, new events…

You might want to check the Announcements category or the official blog for more details. Your question is very vague :grin:


Don’t forget the money grabs! :partying_face:

The answer to your question is: ehhhh maybe?

Like Kardul said, read the blog. Go back to the date you last played and read forward. Should update you pretty well.

I guess it all depends on you. The game definitely has its ups and maybe a little more downs. :sweat_smile:


Simple answer

Can you name one? I’m just curious… to be clear I meant improvements…

Some stuff is better? We have deeper breeding and building discounting. The mission balloon will let you farm timers, but it’s either timers or eggs, and timers don’t seem like a great deal for most players. It’s also upgradeable, not sure if that was out when you left. Again, that’s not really a huge deal, a time saver if you grind eggs. There’s a (beta) tower transformation and merge feature, which a new account may not really need. The new invoker dragon class is a hunter/sorc hybrid and pretty fun.

It feels like a lot fewer players are around; that means you should have a lot of choice if you want to join a decent team, but teams (as always) have to work hard to maintain a strong roster. There’s no reason not to have Atlas if you want it.

Some pvp events have slight improvements (faster wildfire being the biggest. Raiding and a couple of other tweaks in Kingdom Wars, pit bonus in Fight Pits, something about HP or refresh time on PVE islands in Gauntlet, and I think lower PVP path distance for Temple Raid in lower leagues, though that just makes being in a higher league feel super dumb due to the way points are scored in that event.) They brought back the assault event for one blessed week, may it rest in hallowed memory. There’s also an irregularly-appearing mini-event, Dungeons, that’s … free and pretty.

Dragon rune removal was systematized but is fairly limited. Chest drops are no longer predictable. Elite gear is now craftable. The way we get seasonal mythic branches has improved: you can choose which legendary branches you want. There have been some great riders and dragons.


None of that is better… tower merging is the only improvement in this game… possibly ever… which isn’t saying much




depends on what you look for in a game.

if you’re looking to get together with your old wd buddies, the game should be worth playing.

if you’re looking for a good game to start fresh, this game is NOT the one most people would recommend…

-if some do, unfriend/unfollow them from your sns :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Keyword lol.

-Atlas is a political war now (although was around the same a year ago). Stagnant castles with low turnover rate.
-Last tier is ridiculously expensive but PG is saying they’re working on the economy (although that’ll be after some have bred the mythics aby so I hope some refund will be offered).
-A lot of teams disbanded/ got absorbed into other teams.
-Tower transforming/ merging happened which is great and many hope it remains a constant.
-Limited time chat in the forum is a very slow attempt by pg at fixing what many see are big balance issues in the game.

An okay past time but your blood pressure will rise if you’re seriously investing again in the game lol

dont get ur hopes up. :man_facepalming:t2:

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Thanks for the replies all. Just gonna play the game every now and then.
Not so bothered about taking it seriously anymore.

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:rofl: ok Kardul this was hilarious, they are giving noctarn a much needed buff so that counts as an improvement just saying :woman_shrugging:

I love this game; it keeps my mind calm after stressful days.
I love my team; they’re awesome and the best group I’ve ever flown with.
I love sniping; adrenaline rush!
I love GP swapping with my sweetheart. :heart_eyes:
And I love breeding new dragons!!!

Damn, that’s a lotta love. if I loved my ex that much, we’d still be married. :laughing:

Bugs schmugs. lol

Happy holidays all!


ouch… o.O

uh… sorry to hear that…? :thinking:


Nope! We is happy. :rofl:

You almost missed the whole Year of the Player!

P.S. someone please be kind to add link :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I think we all missed it.