Is this legit? Or another one to add to the list?

I was checking the number one dude on this fort event and I just noticed something fishy about his medals. Also he is in a gold team. Legit or Not? :thinking:


There is a level 400 in my Plat4 league… some people like to spend. Stick with the ones that look out of the ordinary (not medals unless under 1M) like dragon obviously not attainable at the certain level, or base power way out of proportion(a level ~200 with too many 60 to be legit), ect.

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Look at his top three dragons, and his attack and defense power ratio. Everything points to a big spender who overlevelled his base, and underlevelled his dragon.


I dont see a Problem there, you can also go with lvl 400 to bronze Team :slight_smile: if you wanna hit low Levels all day =)

Thats how a big spender looks like. High Level, low medals.

Not saying this guy is, but intelligent cheaters would know what to do to disguise it. Anyway, big spending isn’t all that uncommon in this game, as other people have already said.

If you have suspicions, report it in-game:

Ow okay2 thanks. I really haven’t seen some real whales til now. :sweat_smile: /close this :neutral_face:

Yep he is on the way to 10 mil points event is maxed at 2.4 mil and has only event dragons looks super legit to me. :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Ppl who are new to the game tend to put in $10k in a black box after a month play time. Seems legit :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Thx for posting I’ll bookmark him.


SchizoKnight is my friend. He’s 100% completely legit. He spends, solid player. :yum:


I sense an OP alt here

In that case can someone help me close this thread already :sweat_smile: I feel bad for making it in the first place. Lesson learned though

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Its all good bro! Everybody ive only been playing for two weeks, hence the low medals but in those two weeks ive been in the top 10 for medal contributions. Trust me my drags are all ready to hit garnet but i was told to wait for the next breeding event =) I don’t consider myself a big spender but i guess thats all perspective =p Well, cheers to everybody and you will be seeing me more and more :wink:


You already have best mentors, i will only say 2 thing for this game.
PATIENCE and EVENTS for levelling up! :hugs:


Garnet in two weeks, how is that even possible?!? Only levelling up breeders takes a crazy time…

Its not impossible, if you have the funds to support it really…especially when you aquire xp potions that give you 300k

I’m so naive… I’m just elite :sweat_smile:

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Lol, its all good bro :sunglasses::beers:

@schizoknight Are you going to go for the Mythic hunter, Neptus?

Ohh he should and with the kind of guidance he has, definitely yes from what i understood above.

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Since I started late, kinda getting whatever I can at this point…tho I do have enough sigils to get both the legendary and the mythic , since I completed all the other rewards🐉

Um how did u get to garnet in 2 weeks?

You can try to explain thru spending but you already said you’re not a big spender. I bet you bought the account, or you hacked it. Either way good luck to you when PG finds out.