Is this possible? Trapper 1262 dp

Just wondering if it possible for a trapper to have 1262 dp? I am not accusing anyone for anything, just wondering how? When other trapperS lvl 25 with season boost and fort lvl 12 buff only have 1153 dp?

ATK is also higher than the usual

Pretty much lol i bet u would lose alote more troops if u attack it aswell

This has been flagged to PG ages ago. Never got around to fixing it. If you guys want to poke PG until they notice then go for it.


Oh its just a glitch? But if u attack that trapper, do u lose more troops by having more dp?


As far as I know, there are only 2 players with prims with glitched buffs. One with +35% the other with +40%. I’m interested to see what happens to them when the atlas season ends.

I have also seen a few level 15 fighters, not sure if that is also a glitch, or if it was possible in the early days of atlas.


You can/could level fighters further than level 10. It’s actually an annoyance to those that made the mistake and levelled further as the trick to return troops to barracks doesn’t work as well due to having a higher troop capacity on the fighter


Not a glich - it’s buffed by Castle Infra + Seasonal Buffs and therefore has this insane deff power. 1262dp is absolute maximum currently

Nope, it’s a glitch:


Flumpie for GPF!!!

Are we really that surprised it’s a glitch :eyes:

Thats wrong! U cant get past 1.2k Dp, its a glitch.

Yeah 40% season buff is a glich for sure. I’ve double checked every primary via api - there is none that shows a buff greater than 25% which is correct

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Might want to double check your double checking; especially 1-A6182-1 and 1-A1117-0.


Aww indeed. Checked rusher2 instead of rusher3 - found one with 35% and one with 40% from 2 different teams

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The real problem with it is, that its not visual only. Hit one of them it will use the wrong Dp for calculation.

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There’s now another glitched prim, with 50% season buffs on 1-A3052-1 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

From what PG told me once, it’s “visual” only. I wasn’t ballsy enough to hit it though.

Its definitly not visual, stats apply to result :sweat_smile:

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