Is this real or bogus

Could this level 700 real or could it be a hack?

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contact support for confirmation.

possible that it is a conflict of save that gave him level 700 even though he’s like 100~150. CS can check all his other structures to confirm.

Seems legit. I am sure NMO and Monsters have already begun recruiting :grimacing::joy:

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Saw a level 6 with The top tier Zamrok portrait and every possible tower on one spot at level 50. Was called Erik510 and I got him banned :grin:

Likely a game state problem (we’ve seen similar things happen before), but we’ll check it out.

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Thank you for the quick reply

Who knows these days got attacked by a lvl 58 with a green tier Sage didn’t go well for them of course but still not sure how it was green unless requirements were different back then. :man_shrugging:

You can evolve green from level 49

I couldn’t, was den capped til I think 63

Edit - But sure as hell wasn’t 49

It’s 49 according to amoeba

If you couldn’t until L63, it was probably due to not meeting the evo stone requirements? e.g. breed a green epic

Guess my game was off but couldn’t due to den level. Oh well water under the bridge. Never seen a lvl 49 with green season dragons before

Edit - then again not sure the last time i’ve seen a lvl 49

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