Is this some kinda pg joke?

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it makes the game easier for people to get lumber / not frustrated hitting empty bases
it gives people the option to spend more times / encourages them to do so because of the availability of lumber.

some of us are very happy to have the lumber boost.


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Complaining because PG actually made something easier/less time consuming… Jesus Christ. How dare they!


but something needed to be said so that if maybe next time you go to boost lumber maybe just 1.5x boost…

But why? What if more players like that 3x boost?
Do you really have nothing else to do, so you want to spend more time to get the same result?.. And, no, increased amount of lumber doesn’t mean that there should be more timers. It would be good, of course, if it happens.

Original post, TL; DR: omg, they are giving free stuff… again! Give me more timers! (apparently, more free stuff requested at the same time)

  1. Start a new clean alt
  2. Join a non atlas Gold team
  3. Enjoy Fort without Lumber boost to your fullest.

You evil, evil, person. :slight_smile:

Seems that OP wants more challenging Fort, so let us give him more challenging Fort :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope nothing else to do but comments on forums posts, ahhh wait a minute.

If more players like this boost, then that is great but as per the post it was a question for pg.

I have not said give me more free stuff,
I am asking why boost 1 aspect of this event yet all else stays the same?
I want to better understand why pg has done this boost and only this boost,
Same time between events same potential gain of timers between events,

Seems as tho you read whatever you like as most do here in the forums,

But I would like to see how “us” can make this event more of a challenge For that is all I seek in this post.

I would like very much to challenge PG to make their game stable and cut down on the bugs before we “challenge” them to do ANYTHING else. Who at @PG wants to accept?

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Honestly the game is already ducking challenging enough during PVP events (unless you are deliberately playing in a lower league than your level warrants i.e. sandbagging). I for one was happy for the lumber boost this event.


That’s how much lumber I needed this event. If I had to farm that all inches at a time, I would have been utterly pissed off at the game by the end of the event. I for one am glad to be done building early so I can focus on OTHER things in the game instead of being pissed off at the lack of wood.

You want to make the event more ‘fun’? Go out and raid the food you need to feed all your dragons. I bet THAT will be challenging enough for you. :unamused:


Can I double like a post?

cough glory cough


That’s the hard part of fort, finding food to feed your digital monsters dragons :rofl:

:eyes: Copyrighted phrase…

Fixed it :laughing:

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Should we farm him and his team? That’s the only way I know of to help him. :thinking:


I attacked him once…but…thats what I do… I attack people
base is squishy, needs to be dipped in glory and be born anew


I don’t recall you attacking me :cry: Does this mean you don’t like me? :sob:

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