Is this the new War Dragons?

Is this the new future of War Dragons? Nonspenders can literally give up on getting anything good in the events any more. This pit fight is ruled by defenders and mega coins. The prize tiers are steep. Rewards are thin. Boosts don’t work half the time, Where are the sigils? The event dragons are unachievabable unless you spend too. I am feeling so completely defeated. I went the grogg line. Didnt even try for any of the others and sigils are so non existant that I cant even hit platinum on Anuba. I opened over 60 gold chests and almost 180 bronzes. You cant tell me my luck is that poor.


I am in the same boat, I am hoping for a change.

If it makes you feel any better I always thought the event dragons were introduced simply to slow progression. Focus on the breedable dragons if you do not plan on spending any money, you will enjoy this game a whole lot more. :grin:


@PGJared Mark my words, 5 weeks and a new dragon tier and level 60 towers are coming. I keep saying I’m tired of this crap. Maybe this will be the final straw. Any comments from admin why we can’t have the bonus meter AND the precious money grab coins?


I don’t see the event dragons as slowing progression at all. The only reason I choose to participate in every breeding event and every building event is to get sigils, otherwise I would wait on progression in many cases. There are times that I truly don’t want to build extensively, but if I sit it out, I lose valuable sigils, so I HAVE to progress.

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Since the start of this season I’ve only spent $250 (fell short on Ferga last breed) and I’ve maxed Necryx, maxed Grogg, gotten the double token boost, and now I’m on the gold stone for Anuba.
Either I don’t have a life or you guys are expecting too much for the effort you’re willing to put in. I’m hoping it’s the latter. :joy::sweat_smile:


I somewhat agree with this, though I could see nerfing the points required at lower tiers a bit (or adding additional prize tiers like when they had added few bonuses tiers… that people complained about :unamused:) more to accommodate people who don’t/can’t use mega coins before hitting the upper limits of “spend (whether money or huge amounts of time) to pass”.

There are definitely people who think that free players should get it all. However, I think that others are seeing moving targets get further away as well, easier to get a platinum stone than emerald after all, or they’re splitting up their sigils between too many different reward lines.

There are also just a lot of factors, just some:

  • Spending at all or not
  • Spending/Using stores wisely
  • Strength relative to competition
  • Backup availability

/end ramble :x

This is exactly what I told my team months ago - the seasonal dragons are carrots being dangled before our noses… Get a winter dragon only to forsaken it with the spring dragon. Ping pong these back and forth until they’re capped by not having the proper breedable setup to uncap the seasonals. Rinse and repeat.

I know dragons like Amarok and Khrysos are not as useful since the release of gloom, fire and ice turrets but they are still necessary to advance.

I haven’t spent a dime this event and I’ve already achieved 44K points in the event, which gave me a surprisingly large amount of sigils. It’s possible, just time consuming.


You may have spent nothing THIS event but you certainly didn’t get that many points without having previously spent. You certainly didn’t do 352 attacks at 125 points each. That would take 18 hours with no breaks at all.

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The only money I’ve ever spent on this game is for the elite account, and whenever they bring out those $.99 special packs. I haven’t even used gems for chests this event. But you’re correct I haven’t done that many attacks. I use 3 inner fires for mot of my attacks.

Should we spell out the obvious shadows? :wink:

Very hard to believe…How did you get all those inner fires without spending?

Doing well in events > get rubies > open chests during pvp events.


Strategy! I did exactly the same, Birds.

A famous saying: “Those with no head must have legs…”
or a deep wallet.

I am in the same boat. Have earned a high level of individual points with elite account. Unfortunately I will be playing PVP events only for individual awards from here on out. I am on a very active team but we do not have a large number of players who spend money on events, so as a team we are not competitive no matter how many attacks we complete as a group. Whoever has ten bucks to spend in the last ten minutes of the event wins. I did spring for a mega attack to try and win a round and did not get credit for the points. I am unhappy that what is an enjoyable game with a great community of players may be in jeopardy if the only way to win in an event is to part with cash.


r n g is what they copy and paste

I wish I could remember who said it, one of the old salts that likely has since moved on. “Stop chasing divines”.

It’s in the old forum somewhere I would imagine. Though I do think it’s not too hard to max one dragon line without spending a penny if you follow Red’s and other’s “season planning” advice. Better to max a line in my opinion in the hopes that you have a dragon that will last you rather than get several pretty dragons that you can only level part way.


I think your statement is more for higher levels. I know my first season, i was level 10, I got all 4 drags. I got 3 to green and 1 to gold and bonus branch. I was able to count on these drags to get me to to the end of the next season where I finished 2 lines. I retired 3 of the 4 drags but they really did help. This is why i say it depends

You may not spent and still get at least one max tier season dragon easly. There is chests and all event rewards. No need to get to max prize event in all events to get it. There is also discount ones sometimes. Team rewards in the end of the events. You just can’t have it all.

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