Is troop building still in the event rotation?

Noticed that it’s crafting next again. I’ll go ahead and build my revive troops if troop building has been consigned to the dustbin of history.


Yeah this sucks, it’s been nonstop kill events for over a month with 1 crafting event like not even 2 weeks ago? Nobody on our alliance teams even have scrolls or shards built back up with this being so soon again.

Doesn’t make sense to keep having kill kill kill kill and no reviving. ESP considering your holding tank of revivables has a limit on it

How about also considering a fort leveling event as a new twist? Have people focus on mining and raiding for gold to level up all aspects of their castles.

(would be great on a feeding or building weekend so you can raid for both at the same time since this thing is so time consuming)

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Should be poacher next then prime/troop combo

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I want crafting 3 times in a row. Fuck yeah!!!

I brought this up a week ago, and * edit
Didn’t get the kind of traction that I had hoped for.

Oh thank god it’s crafting event. It’s been almost 7 days since the last one and I I’m dyin to use my 17 scrolls left. Please please no troop event for all the new teams that get raped daily by diamond teams can compete. Well done PG. in record time only 15 teams will remain in atlas since you can’t get your event roatation shit figured out

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Maybe they can just remove the troop event so small teams/players dont fall further behind.

Because if you think the event helps a smaller/weaker team you are in for a very rude suprise

Unfortunately none of the Atlas events help the smaller teams.

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Simple solution. Just keep building troops. You have troops available to build every few hours so dont let an event stop you from building.

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It’s simpler to hear from Dave and team if this event is still extant. I build normally regardless but save revives for it.

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Yea, the troop building event should just be called the revive event.

@IIIRogueIII The same can be said for any non-PvP event.

  • The Fort event doesn’t stop us from building in between.
  • The Feeding event doesn’t stop us from leveling in between.
  • The Breeding event doesn’t stop us from spending eggs in between.

With all of these events, the player is allowed to make the personal decision of how much to progress and how much to hold back, so they can hit it hard when there is a Reward on offer.

Because of the Revive System, players can choose how much do I hold back in revive (understanding the risks associated with the limited capacity of the revive bank), so they can go hard for Event Rewards, when they’re on offer.

PG can do away with the Troop Building event, but until they do, people are going to build new troops, and continue to hold back on (some) reviving.

It has nothing to do with helping a team in atlas. It’s about a logical event rotation that allows players of all playing fields to participate. We can’t afford to sit and wait 3 months to not rebuild bc we are a small team. It’s like making a breeding event once every 3 months, you need to wait for it to 1) help the team in the event and 2) earn some prizes to help pay for this shit storm but once they stretch is so far your smaller groups loose out bc they can’t afford to keep waiting

Smart players don’t build or breed in between events. And they only feed their main dragon. You do all these things on events only to max and event and get the stuff you need to grow without having to pay for it

Thats not a good analogy.

One its not smart players its poor players re build and breed.

Two its that same feed mentality thats the problem. Smart players don’t keep themselves artificially hamstrung for some silly event especially since you could do as well during event without doing it.

Lastly you can permanently lose things in atlas. Let me put it this way, if you would lose rubies and tower levels permanently each time you warred in the normal game and lost - lets say 5 lvls on each tower, or one tower permanently, would you still only build once a month or would you make your base as strong as possible so you win wars more?

Its a really bad idea to wait to rebuild. It would only be a sound strategy if teams couldn’t attack you, they can attack at any time, and if a small team doesnt revive immediately when hurt , you will get wiped out. And probably moan about how unfair things are.

If you as a team is strong enough to survive without using revives, it is possible to store some for the event, but generally its a calculated amount based on how low your lvl is, how many troops in total you own and what your gold turnover is.

The event rotation is logical and was expected- just because you didn’t expect it doesn’t change that


And once again likely next few events:

Poacher chase next (long pvp)


Rider/prime level (short pve)
Troop training (short pve)

This is ofc dependent on the main game rotation that should have Fort this coming event - if they end up making it pvp instead, you will probably find the atlas rotation will move up.

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Oh my goodness:

  • If a building finishes, you start building a new one. You don’t leave a building slot empty until the next event (same with troops, you build if you have a slot available)
  • The storage hut has a lower Lumber to Time ratio than standard towers, so you get better value building these outside the event, and sometimes its necessary to speed them up, outside event, if you fall behind.
  • Following certain breeding paths, sometimes it’s “smart” to spend a small number of eggs (example 9454 eggs for Quetz) outside an event, so you can level the dragon pair before the next event, for max points.

You’re one size fits all approach is flawed.


Happy New Year!

Can you answer one question for me please, how many people help you with getting dressed every morning?

My builders are never not busy. Final building each fort event is storage and one other major tower that will guarantee take 30+ days to build. A low level that build a tower in 5 days, yeah keep building IF you aren’t out growing your dragons.

Once you get out of cheap dragons there is no breed a dragon for 10k tokens to get ready for the breed event real quick. Again low level players can benefit. But really they still loose out. No reason you can’t breed that dragon the first day of the event and have him breedable before the 5th day. With very minimal effort at that. And earn sigils, timers, and other goods while doing it instead of earning nothing and having to pay out timers to hatch.

But once you grow up and become competitive with the main stream, unless you want to buy extra shit instead of win it, you wait and do events esp now that there are bonus tiers above max

And yes my one size fits all works very well which is why I outgrew majority of players that started and played with me. And how I succesfully stayed in line and above many that were paying out hundreds a week. Bc I followed original players teachings and strategy.

Ahh, I see your mistake. You said "Smart Players… " but what you meant was “Players at a Level where all buildings are >30 Days don’t build or breed in between events”

Can you see the difference?

If you edit your initial post, you’ll be mostly right.