Is Your Egg Token Bonus Boost Sill Missing?

Hi all,

We’ve received reports from some players that their 125% egg token bonus boost disappeared yesterday after we released our most recent patch/DCON. We’ve been asking players to try full-closing and restarting the game to see if that resolves this issue. Some players have written back and confirmed that restarting reactivated/brought back the boost.

Is anyone still missing their boost after full-closing and restarting the game? If so, please let us know here and we’ll look into your account. Sorry again for the trouble, and thanks in advance!

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Hi, mine is still missing

Thanks for getting back to me. We’ll be looking into your game to see what’s causing this. Sorry again for the trouble!

Thanks. FYI, the same bug causes me to get rubies instead of chests

Yes I am still missing my 125% egg token bonus. Nor am I getting any chests since the start of event on Wednesday. I would appreciate any assistance you can give me. I’ve lost about 5000 egg tokens up to this point.

Any update on this? Missing a lot of tokens and chests

This is now fixed, but any update on compensation?

I’m glad to hear it’s been fixed. Therefore, I’ll be closing this thread out. We’re really sorry again about this. At this time, we are not compensating players for this issue since many users were able to resolve this right away shortly after it was discovered. At this time, we’ll be looking into the scope of the issue to see if global compensation is needed. If this issue persists for anyone else, please PM me.