Island AND icon?

For the past few PvP events, you have had both the event island AND an event icon on the side of the screen. Do we really need BOTH of these? For all its flash, the island is really kind of pointless and usually annoying. It often fails to direct to the proper category, and just wastes time while we are forced to watch it rise and sink. Can we just get rid of it and stick with the icons? Please?

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I like the island :eyes:


I like it because I honestly think some players ignore the event island. At least the icon means they can’t ignore the fact that something is happen, just because they can’t be bothered to scroll to one side of their screen.

Edit: Like Red, I also like the island :blush:

I’m not a fan of the island either and think we should stick with just the icon, too. Also, what do those checkmarks on the island indicate? I’ve had nothing to claim or open before and those checkmarks are still there.

How can you ignore the island? It grabs the center of focus every time you return to your base (which is another of it’s annoying “features”)

I suspect the idea to include both came from an intern in the Department of Redundancy Department. :crazy_face:

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Some people are just stubborn I guess?

With the island, we can go directly to battle or armory (not sure where to tap to go to season / rank)

There were always issues with the island the event tab solves them beautifully… tho the building was kind of cool it’s annoying how it automatically settles on that whenever you log on

The check mark above the chest means you have chests to open and the check mark above the throne means you can claim an event prize.

Ah okay. Didn’t realize they both meant different things. Thank you

I don’t care too much for the island, but then again, I mostly use the icon to get into the event instead of scrolling to the island.

FWIW, during the last few events, I’ve noticed that if your icon didn’t show the right icon for the event that was going on (PVP, Feed, Breed, etc), Chests didn’t drop. Reinstalling fixed the issue. Just thought that was interesting…

I’d be a massive fan of removing the island. The focus grab as you come out of a run is the main way I manage to complete a quest, but not collect my tokens for a while nearly every PVP.


It’s a lot of unnecessary, quirky, and often glitchy eye candy. The small, not always dependable benefit of being able to go directly to an event tab area is far outweighed by the overall annoyance factor.


As much as I like forcing teammates to see an event is happening and do something for God’s sakes I can’t stand how it always goes to the island on screen. Also experiencing tons of lag and crashing since event started (a lot more than usual). Not saying it’s the islands fault or anything but I’d much rather not have it since I’m on android and need all the not-lag possible


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