Island expansion

Just out of curiosity, is PG going to going to create new islands on the base at any point?

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Even if they did, shorter bases are stronger, even when the base is maxed out.


probably no, they get higher level tower out lately
it would be meaningless bc noone would use it. yet, it would result some better xp base and chest base

Not really off-topic, it’s base related question :slight_smile:

I wonder if they have the possibility of adding new islands which would also mean altering the autopilot flight of dragons.
They are still using the same map that BitPig coded before PG bought the game and since 3 years all they did was adding 3 perches to the map and giving it a slightly altered layout for Atlas, first with ships, then with valleys.
The dragon flight paths have never changed in all that time.

But I have also wondered if they ever expand anything. The day I started playing made me wonder if I’ll ever burn down that huge castle that is shown in the loading screen :smile:

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Actually I think PG also added the last 2 black islands to the map.

Liz is correct. It is already a very weak base when all islands are utilized fully so adding more islands would make it weaker. Small towers doing near no damage for their level would be the result.

What Elle stated may be correct since those last two islands, the first a dragon will see on a long base, are not like the other long islands. They are much weaker than the other two double islands as they are not really in line with each other. Worst islands for anyone to use.

I hope they do add more islands so players are encouraged to build more low level towers instead of a few higher level towers.

Also, more monuments so more chests!

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Ok thx

Makes sense

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