Island Length fo optimize setup

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In order to optimize my base I would like to know some IG figures. I do understand that some of the rules maybe linked to triggering problematics and probably some attackers gameplay. Nevertheless, I would be pleased to know island length from top to down, from top to end of the dragon’s turn. This for a short and a long one.
I do hope my wording was clear as I am not Native English.
Thanks in advance for your constructive answers

I believe the island is laid out in order oh hitting as:


This also depends on what towers you have on the island as some have longer ranges. I.e. Howi in #4 spot will fire before dark flak in #1 spot.

Thanks for this first answer? I suppose that it also means that all towers on a short island may be able to shot a dragon arriving on this location. But on a long one what will it be. Does the Howi placed in 9 or 10 will trigger on the same time than DF or does the attacker should have its dragon around tower 3.

It might be that what I am looking for as no sense. I will be please feedback on this in order to have a smarter approach on Base building

I think this might be helpful.

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If you click on a tower then select the move button it will show the range of that tower, or area in the case of a red mage. :smiley:


Many thanks to you and XXenox. I have my answer. Have fun

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