Island Name Change Cost

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Changing your player name costs 20 gems but changing your island costs millions of gold. Seems like the island name cost is a bit steep, any way to reduce this?

For the record, this is not me asking for an increase in the cost of changing player names.


Originally the cost would drop to zero after a while (about 3 months of ownership?) with the cost decreasing steadily from the time of capture or time of last change.

I wish the cost would reduce to zero again…

We held a city for 9 months recently and it never cost less than about one and a quarter million gold.

I agree, even 3 months is a long time. That feels like 8 years outside of the game.

Totally agreed. The cost should be drastically reduced and/or drastically reduced over a much shorter period of time (1-4 weeks?).

The theory is that place names serve as useful guideposts as you’re navigating the world, and if they change frequently then they’re no longer useful guideposts. Regardless, the 1.25mil gold is cheap – 25k per member amounts to a very small investment for a pretty infrequent activity.

That’s also 1200 troops…plus that’s what coordinates are for?:sweat_smile:


Many castles names are derived from team names, example ‘MoxxLand’, so when a new team moves in, the name isn’t a guidepost, but a reminder. And several months after claiming a castle from a team that is no longer in the region, it is just confusing.


Once a castle is taken over i’d rather let it have a 48 hour time to be “retaken” or the name reverts to the standard name and the new owners can choose a new name if they like.

This both allows the old team to be able to get their name back/off the taken island, and it gives the new team a sense of ownership without the costs while they are trying to set up forts and are very gold-flow negative.

We have coordinate systems now, these shouldn’t be used as navigation points going forward, especially with safe path tracking soon to come


I don’t even remember what half my own castles are named lol. I found the default Region-# names useful for navigating but not so much names given by players

This is actually a really good idea!
(not like I expected anything less from you :smirk:)

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