Island respawn time

This kinda sucks. I fully understand this is a first world problem but when you have 50 competitive people on a team with nothing to do it really makes for a boring event.


Haha. I see 3 open islands. First in best dressed!

Perhaps PG can code in that islands automatically open once the ‘previous’ one is destroyed? So teams that are super active can keep going round and round with no breaks. May cause PG to recalibrate personal and team prizes though so maybe not a great idea… :thinking:

Congrats on such an active team! But yeah, I’ll agree that only having the first 3 islands to attack kinda bites.

It’s down to 2 now. :confused:

At least it’s only 50 more minutes to PVP… though everyone will probably only get in one attack each :woman_facepalming:

It was over in 4 minutes. :joy:

Was it always a 6 hour respawn time for Gustav island? @PGJared

My old spreadsheet from Jan '16 says it’s always been 6hrs

Ok, thanks. It just seems like a long time when you’re waiting.

I agree. This is really frustrating. I wish they would reduce the time, at least for the higher level teams.

Have more data points shimo/LX?

Want to include this in my chart if possible

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