Isn’t this not supposed to be here?



The rendering issues continue :see_no_evil:

probably something for


Pretty :heart_eyes:


If restarting doesn’t work to clear that visual glitch, re-install. If that doesn’t work, I’d open a ticket.


Reinstalling fixes visual glitches in my experience. Took me two reinstalls to get stuff back to normal last major update. :t_rex:


Looks like a smurf dog dragged their arse across the grass

Edit - looks like a smurf dog dragged his arse across the grass in winter time


He drew that :man_facepalming:

He’s referring to the snowflakes.


Haha, if this is real, please do contact our Support Team about it so they can escalate as necessary. If it’s not, well, you got a good laugh from me. Lightning towers that shoot snowflakes may be fun for the Winter Season… :slight_smile: