ISO: Perch dragons (by tier) for Altas crafting gear planning

With the huge benefits of perch dragons to overall base strength and the benefit of good quality crafted gear on the rider I am seeking advice from the community:
What dragons by tier are the best dragons for the perch? I am currently almost done my Garnet dragons.

Other relavent info:

  • I am focussing my Atlas GP on my defense rider and going to put him on the perch supporting my Long Island.
  • I currently have Krysos on my perch with a defensive rider and with several cheap pieces of equipment equipped.
  • I want to plan my long term strategy for which dragon will be on that 2nd perch and thus craft gear relevant to that dragon type. Ideally I want to pull a couple Legendary pieces of defensive gear this event.

@MareZ has an updated chart somewhere but this is what i could find quick


I suggest you get a good season dragon (this season mythic perhaps?) and use it as your perch dragon. Level it up as you level your perch… That way you always have the dragon type of your choice (warrior, Sorc or hunter) with the gear type of your choice (only need one defensive set unless you have a long base).

Not really needed for players who started after the black pearl drought. My perch will always be at least three tiers behind my dragons unless they massively increase pearl drops, so plenty of dragons to choose from…

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Plenty of dragons of the same class, type and element each tier? What list of dragons do you have that I don’t?

Thanks for reminding me of that thread.

I wasn’t sure if it was still useful since Dragon Manager has all dragons listed with their element’s icon, although on the website it’s harder to see which ones are mythics and how far they can evolve.

So I updated my Elemental overview now and hope that it’s of some use :smiley::+1:


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