Issue when typing in the forum



I am creating this topic because I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere else and it’s a very uncomfortable issue. When you write a reply on the forum you are not able to see the first few lines of text because the menu banner gets in the way over the text box. This happens on Chrome browser, mobile version of the website, I am on Android and a fairly big smartphone about 6’’, my keyboard is set on the lower height but it doesn’t improve the text box. It happens when you write in portrait and landscape mode, but landscape mode makes it impossible to write comfortably at all. I have a few screenshots to explain the problem.

I could eventually switch to the desktop version of the website to solve the problem, but it make the text very small and the zooming in and out tedious.

Is there a way to improve text writing on the forum, are there other users that encounter the same problem? And if this issue has already been addressed or posted somewhere else my sincere apologies, I will check the link if you’re kind enough to provide it for me.


Yeah or the place marker to type isn’t in the right place


Thanks for reporting this. Are you using the forum inside the War Dragons app or going to the forum in your web browser?


Mine is in the app… when I try on browser it keeps sending me to the old forums


I am on my web browser app Chrome, and it shows the mobile version of the website by default. At times, like right now I can move the banner up, but it is more of an exception than a general rule, and it only last until I hide the keyboard once by touching the virtual ‘back’ button on Android (triangle).


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