Issue with connection since last update

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if you are impacted by the issue as many of my teamates and myself are impacted.

When we do attack or defense (doesn’t matter which one) we have from time to time a “bug” upon completing the defense or the attack the game continue to run on the island like it’s not understanding that the attack/defense is completed.

I wait for 2 minutes + and at some point I do have a message saying I have issue with my connection. This waste the item(such as exp boost) we used during the attack and doesn’t give us reward and ressources.

I’ve open a ticket and got a message saying my connection is the cause.

I will share my setup I got when i play:
I live in canada
I got Motorolla Z Droid and Samsung Note 8
WiFi box at less than 10 meter
ISP with fiber optic , very stable almost perfect with less than 2 ms of ping .

My brother with another ISP got fiber optic similar setup for WiFi box.
He have iphone 7 and iphone 8 and have the same issue.

A friend in Quebec got a Ipad with same issue and somes friends from France got the same issue.

This give us more than 4 differents ISP (Internet Service Provider) with differents setup.

All of us got the same issue starting the exact same time. Since the last update.

What about everyone ? Are you having connection issue as well ?

Thanks for sharing


No connection issues here. :crossed_fingers:

There were quite a few on my team with various issues since last update…whenever I have a problem like this I have to be sure they realize it’s a team wide problem or they’ll always assume it’s on your end… you might try asking it to be escalated

Our team has had an issue with this since last update. It seems to happen more often when there is more then one person in a battle. The game goes dead and either gives the connection error or that the attacker has connection problems. It is very frustrating as it is not once or twice, but yesterday for example every dang time someone joined a battle. I have 60 Mbps cable connection that there is no other problems, and a new phone so I know it is not my connection. Restarting my phone, clearing cache, and rebooting router did not fix the issue. Half the team stated they were experiencing the same issue.


Yep been having the same issue it is always at the same point in the base last small island and last long island before the main base … I watch the base get destroyed … then it says the follower leaves and then a min later it gives me a message that attacker lost connection finally got a vid of it to add to my ticket today. It happens on 3g 4g and wifi. Has been 1 in 5 runs for me until today. As of today its 4 in 5 runs and only happens when I’m followed.


Yes! I’ve been having the same issue, as well as a few others on my team. The backer finishes the base or gets kicked out, but the attacker sees the backer freeze as they hit or have hit the home island, and then it waits forever and says connection issue. Sometimes it has counted for xp, sometimes it just kicks you out. I sent in an help ticket, and they seemed interested. It just feels different than a usual dropped connection and always happens at the same place. :woman_shrugging: Edited to add, also only has happened to me with a backer.

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Yes I have been having similar issues and I never did before the last update. I noticed that whenever it happens, there are some towers left with a sliver of health even though my teammate killed them. When that happens, I know the disconnect is coming next. Wasted a few heals and XP boosts because of it. Quite annoying.


Yes! We have many with this same issues, same when backer joins we have many being told it’s bad connection but happens only in runs especially joining. Get dropped at same place near end of finishing base. Tonight we had several happen during war :disappointed:. We have many players around this country, several in foreign countries & Canada. It literally cannot be occurring to all people with different devices, different carriers and all over with bad connections lol. It’s THEIR (PG) servers. Secondly we have one who hasn’t been able to log In after the update multiple times with her placing ticket in to pg & emails no answer for her. I’m using same iPhone same WiFi as before update & never seen it like this bad. No other app crashes for me, has messages “bad connection “ or ever any kind of trouble to restart app, not Facebook not Instagram not YouTube, none but THIS GAME. Thank you for posting this maybe it will be fixed if they know it’s happening to many people on many teams. :slight_smile:


Our whole team is having issues, you’re in the middle of a battle. It looks like your teammate is going to finish base and then a message comes up bad network issues, then you don’t get credit for finishing base, even tho your teammate has finished. This never happened before. I’ve been playing over a year, I have seen PG have bugs before but this one people are so frustrated they are ready to quit if this does not get fixed.


Same with our team!

The same thing is happening here !

I think you need to @pgcrissis or other devs on the forums, there is an enormous amount of frustration concerning this issue and PG seems oblivious to it

Did you get a response from PG yet?

I didn’t received any reply from them.

@PGCrisis can you help us direct this topic to the person who can help us ?

Been having the same problem. But only on my phone, not my tablet. Different accounts, same WiFi.

When someone follows me, some of the towers that they kill are left standing with a sliver of health on my screen. When I see that happen, I know the spinning circle of doom is coming once they reach the end of the base. Then the time counts down and the game tells me the attacker lost connection. However, the follower see’s the base get completed as normal on their screen.

I am on an Ipad Air 2 and have only about half of the device storage used. I have good internet (and pay extra for higher speed). This has only started happening since the last update. I have tried to reinstall the game twice and it still didn’t help.

This bug has been wasting my heal potions and xp boosts. Please fix it. @PGCrisis


I’m having the same issues… since the latest update.

Sucks to be y’all. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I too have this.

One of my officers has been having issues …did the usual , uninstalled , reinstalled , made cookies for this , made sangers for that

She sent 4 tickets in and has not received one response

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