Issue with eggs

Hello, i had an exident: after another unplanned game reboot i lost progression on my dragon and event, but i still didnt get my eggs badge back

Try opening a ticket to PG’s customer service.

What do you mean?

Already sent some tickets, but still didn’t get any answer

Sometimes they can be very busy handling other tickets. You will have to be patient. There is bound to be a large list of tickets to wade through considering this is the first event of the season. The one thing you DON’T want to do is keep replying to the ticket, this will push you farther and farther down in the que, since the oldest tickets are handled first (and it goes by oldest based on most recent update to the ticket, not oldest when the ticket was created).


But seriosly, no reacton after few hours…

a few hours? lets try 24-48 hours, be patient