Issue with frog boi

Hello! I’m sorry if this topic has been brought up before now. I didn’t see anything, and thought it was a pretty big deal. Recently, I clammed the mythic hunter from the season line. I’m enjoying it a lot, and it can be a lot of fun. That said, there seems to be a ammo bug with him, where his spells/ammo will do reduced, or in some cases 0dmg. I’m sure pg is working on it, but I thought posting it, would be a good idea.

This is not a flame post. The dragon has been out for less then 2 weeks. Please keep comments civil.

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Any chance you can dm me the full run so i can check what’s happening?

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I don’t have the full run of that. I can DM you some other runs.

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Frog boi :eyes: :frog:


I doubt this is the issue because the perch was still able to hit you but it looks the same as when you fly a bit too far over an island so damage is nulled when you’re still able to hit the tower

Not sure if it is related but i have a similar issue from time to time. It occurs with any dragon though. It will be attacking but causing zero damage until it drops dead. It is not every attack. My game is up to date and my phone is newer model with lots of memory.

I wonder does this happen every season?

@Paper Heres a video showing another issue. It seems like sometimes the one-shot spell doesn’t work, and also sometimes towers become invincible. This video shows the one-shot not working

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Some shots were clearly doing 0 damage as can be seen in the red 0 floating above the tower.

And it’s not the fireflak bug either which never got fixed.

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That perch 3 there are heaps of videos where it is immune to damage and seems to have double the hp of an Oreo. ( not sure if bug or some sort of exploit defenders use )

Could be a number of bugs here!

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