Issue with loading game after 4.99 update


I report again about loging failed… In my Guild there some people with loging problems! We are affect with update 4.99!!! The loging only 50% and crashs (close the Windows) and doesn’t work!!!

Some IGN and cellphones models

DarkHyrule - MotoG6
Black jc88- k10novo
LegistaRdG - zenfone ze552kl
Jackiestark - iphone8
Icemanxjf - Samsung S7 edge
VanessaRdG - IPhone 7 plus

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I am experiencing the same problem.

OMG… There’s a Big Problem to everyone!!! @Lightfingers

@Arelyna do you know someone to help us?

Indeed. The season is almost over and I need to get those sigils. :sob:

Me too… I was keep rubies for all season and now I can’t use… And lost a gift of yesterday

Are you having issues logging into the game or getting it to load? Have you also filed a support ticket?

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We filed a ticket for the engineers with the players listed that are having issues.

Thanks for your help!!!

Problem with load… Charging only 50% and close the game… So We can’t logging the game… @Arelyna I and my friends openned a ticket to… My ticket #1648975

I filed a ticket too but still I can’t login​:sob::sob::sob:

@Lightfingers I received a information than the problem is under investigation

I got the same answer from PG. But I need to help my team in the event. This issue must be resolved quickly.

How many users is affected in your team? In my guild have 13 users with this problem

Not sure at the moment. But I hope the problem is not that extensive.

I expected too, because has many players in Brazil with this… It’s a stranger and problematic bug

Let’s hope that PG fixes this problem the soonest.

Yeah… PG please fix It faster

Não é relacionado à região ok? Tb fico no BR e não tenho o problema

True, others players in others regions have this problems… It’s relationed a one or more cellphone model…