Issue with new update

There is amazing update,and I’m really happy,that we don’t need to move primarch to Attack mines and poachers
But there is one very annoying issue with it now
So,during main game pvp events enemies can sail freely,and park primarches on any castles
And if you have 3 islands in regions,and someone will park 3 primarches there,you won’t be able to hit any poachers and mines in that region,including kingpin,till enemy will be gone
And it can disable whole region for a few days and make doing event impossible at all
I’m not sure,if it’s possible to solve it in any way,but it’s really annoying
@PGDave @pgEcho

PVP is set to go live again in a couple of hours. Once it does, kill them.


Well,it’s obvious🙄
But what next?
There will be war event in main game and every time,when shields will be up-we will lose infra and whole region will be locked

Logic is being updated so that if an event shield is up an enemy primarch being on that castle will not prevent you from being able to attack the mine.


Thank you so much🤗
That was really uncomfortable (

You will also be able to transfer rss and troops in and out of islands as well with the updated logic? @pgEcho

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