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Its been 3 hours since i reported this to the support, and nothing has been done, its just do this and do that. Ive done everything. I even asked them to just reset my progress to atlas or just skip my freaking tutorial jeezus christ. I even gave them a solution that i can think of just to fix this easily, send me the dam rubies thats required so i can just easily move forward. Goshhhhh! Going 4 hours now. Anyone in PG HERE THAT CAN READ this?
Ticket #999771

@PGPulse @PGDraco @PGCoffee

Lol. What kind of response time are you expecting? You will be lucky to get an answer in 24 hours.

Not sure what your problem is. Does the tutorial now include a section on leveling primarchs?

All of those messages look normal to me. You don’t have enough gold at first, then you don’t have enough glory.

Lots of people have issues with the tutorials. Just be patient. Nothing is so urgent that a new atlas player needs instant support.

Sorry if it doesnt look clear, in tutorial you are only allowed to do what is asked by ghe guide, for this instance is to lvl up the “warrior” . I already leveled it up and as you can see , its already level 2. Going back to my 1st phrase, you are not allowed to do anythingg else but the one that is asked, and it is to lvl the warrior. You cant travel, so how to get xp and gold, I figures just to ask gold from my teammates which i was able to, how abput the xp!? I wont use 4k rubies for a tutorial. Lmfao.

You need to go attack ppl, does the tutorial allow you to get to other players?

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Thats the problem, it wont, if u check the pic, theres an arrow pointed at somewhere, and it wont let you move , or do what ever on the map, it just points you or tell you to follow the arrow for instructions and finish it. In my case to level up the primarch to level 3!!?? Which was bugged cuz supposedly it should only be level 2! Now i used 4.3k just to level it up! And im askig for my ruby back!

They will fix it.

Unfortunately its weekend, so might have to wait for Monday PST

@pgEcho and @PGEggToken are the ones you need not the ones you tagged. Might help to post your ticket number as well.

Good luck

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Try zooming in as far as you can. There should be a primarch that you can attack for the glory you need.

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No no no, this is tutorial…

Again… in tutorial you cant do anything but to follow the arrowhead which is the instruction, u cant move… etc… only thing allowed is building 1x troop, thats it. I was so pissed and I USED. 4300 rubies just to skip the tutorial because i changed team just for this atlas and now this. I know its impulsive but SUPPORT doesnt seem to understand that this is a bug. I alr explained to them with pictures. 1 x 1, and now they stopped replying to me. I just want the refund rn, so dissapointing.

I’m talking about the tutorial. You zoom all the way in and there’s an invador base that you need to attack to get past the tutorial.

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How can he do most of the things people tell him to do when he has not even been in the game yet??? He is stuck in the tutorial like a bunch of my old Sapphire team did. PG had to get them out. Then we got stuck in a land on the map that we could not leave. It was horrible! He can’t get more gold because he’s not in the game to get gold! Wait for PG, they will get you out of that horrible tutorial!

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Just at update for you guys. Its really a bug and they sent me the compensation since i spent 4.3k rubies instead of being stuck there!

Thanks for yall for reacting to my childish runt. It helped me relieve abit earlier.

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