Issue with username

@Arelyna @Crisis Here is a ticket number so you can read through the interaction I had regarding my username being inappropriate #1791225. But based on your terms of service quoted in the ticket it shouldn’t have been an issue just because one person is apparently offended. There is nothing truly inappropriate about the name and it clearly seems that the status of the team has something to do with the decision. If this can be looked into a lil deeper so I can get a clear understanding of what is considered inappropriate and if the name change was justified I’d highly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time


I personally think the name is hilarious, which is worth absolutely nothing towards helping the OP.


Why would anyone “suck taint”? Seems like an odd act…

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The real question is why the act “Sukz” considered offensive :man_shrugging:

Lol. I thought “taint” would be the issue. Silly me.

I guess it … taint a problem. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Seems blatantly inappropriate :man_shrugging: not sure why the crying about it

Edit: sorry if this post is sarcasm and I missed it

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Quit trying to play the victim. You know why its inappropriate and it has nothing to do with dread. It’s pretty basic knowledge that “sukz taint” references a sex act.


Lol I don’t care about the name honestly. The main issue is all of PG support that helped my tickets never cared but once a dread player reports the name it’s a major issue so they force a name change or I’ll get banned. Maybe PG should also go after all the names with Fkn or Azz while they are at it :joy::rofl:

Yes, must have been dread. Couldn’t have been any of the other thousands of people playing this game. I’m sure dread is super concerned about you and your forum name


Pretty obvious when their player messages me in game out the blue saying nice name and then boom my name is magically changed. Lol just connect the dots my friend

You do you bud :+1:


Correlation is not causation?


If that is the name I am surprised someone is actually trying to suggest there is nothing inappropriate with the name.

Sounds like there was a name with sucking and or licking a taint, as the subject of this thread.

Actually since you seem so convinced it was me, I should just let you continue…

But the truth is I saw a post on the forums and I sent you a message to see what team you’re on. Simple as that.

I’m not a tattle tale. I really did think it was funny.

But thanks for dying on my base and sending me emails. If it was me, I’d have just told you it was me. :man_shrugging:t2:


If you have a semi-questionable name, use an alt to post on the forums. I doubt anyone would care in game based on the names I see and the atlas castle names. Forum posting brings a lot more visibility.


I have never liked the word, Happiness

so happymonster isn’t fine then? :frowning:

Happiness Monster sounds like a professional adult actor name

Happy is fine by itself. It is the piness part of the world that is blatantly pronounced the same way.