Issues in recent event (Pit)

Invite is not appearing. Wasted 60 energies and inner fires.

After purchasing energies, i need to exit the event and reenter to before i can use the energies.

After 2nd attack in the event, the event page keeps returning with msg that i need to refresh because the page is no lobger available. One time i had a bsod.

Very unstable app (am updated).

Make a freaking ticket and stop going to any post you can and vomit your problems!


There is nothing you can do. It’s a glitch in WD only 50 players can attack in an event. The player that left your team did and the new player that joined did. So that would make you 51. You are sol till next event

It happened to a teammate of mine. PG will do nothing but tell you to attack sooner and the new person will be out of luck

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Thanks for your reply. I’m just expecting PG to give me something since I’m missing in playing the event n quest. I deserve something better due to glitch on their end. So sad… PG please help me, man!!! Atleast to loyal player.

There have been various bugs this weekend. So far I have not seen anyone say PG fixed any of their issues.

Then as @Lutrus said make a freaking ticket already because there is nothing we can do

no such issues on me :x tried with galaxy s7, gpad 3, ipad pro, ipad air 2

I see many problems with that event , one teammate join before treasure hunt start ( he join Monday )
And game says him innelegible to participate …
sure he have sent in game ticket

Im in the same boat. Inelegible for prizes. They came back to me and said they would look into it. I posted the next 3 days asking what was going on, no answer so i kept buying energy. Now they come back and say its the way its meant to be. Too bad and were not refundin* your energy packs even though you cant attack but you can buy them. NOT GOOD ENOUGH @pgjared if this is so, then make it so you cant buy energy packs or they get refunded like the inner fires and energy that i try to spend are refunded. EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED AND DISGRUNTLED,

you hit right away because if someone was solo and joined it will stop the next from being able to there is only allowed 50 total to hit on a team which it bonds to the player kicked so therefore that had probably had happened!!

didnt realized it was answered lol always make it a point to atleast hit once you know the time frame to when to make sure to pop on

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