Issues opening multiple chests

Anyone else getting error loading webpage when you click an open chest button more than once? I can normally open one or a set of 10 fine, but if I do that 2 or more times I will get that error followed by loading battle results where I have to skip to get past it. Why is it going to battle results… I have to close the game and reopen to open any more chests. Who know if I am even collecting everything.

support gave me some BS canned answer about free space, turning airplane mode on after loading the game (wtf induce a connectivity error to fix the bug!?) then if that fails reinstall.

This didn’t start happening until the PVP event started… the past 2 months tells me it the PVP event bugged… AGAIN. Getting rid of the stupid chest animation that EVERYONE has complained about would seem to improve this type of issue also… :roll_eyes: