Issues with atlas update

So, I’ve written to pg several times and am not getting a response. My team have over 1m troops missing from castles and currently have and enemy on each of our castles. I’ve mailed the individuals and the teams asking them to move their players, normally I would drop the PvP bubble and kill them but attacks are disabled. My team are disgruntled, we can’t attack our own mines or poachers. We can move to neutral but even trying to move our prims has turned into a task!
Am I missing something? Something I didn’t read properly in the release notes?
I understand that there are things that need to be ironed out after initial update but I’ve had little to no correspondence and the replies I have had back told me to do something I can’t do.
Incredibly frustrated here!

Request for escalation if support replies are completely unhelpful.

one or two rounds of escalation requests will get you to @PGJared. He has promised to flip tables and post a video of it - maybe this will be the tipping point. Also post in the Atlas bugs thread.

Thank you, I’ve heard nothing from support team for around 2 hours. Have 2 open tickets and barely any response.

Not surprising. I had a bulk response to “my infrastructure is missing”, I responded and now…crickets. I can only imagine that the Zendesk servers broke after Atlas was re-released.

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All sorted thanks to Mr Egg token :grin: