Issues with attack invites not being received by teammates

Is there a problem with PG’s servers?

Only about 25% of invites to join my attacks are being received by my teammates (which includes my alt). This was not happening earlier today prior to the start of PvP nor was it happening earlier in the week. The only thing that I can see that changed shortly before my invites started to go missing was the start of the PvP portion of the event.

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There might be a new update out and you need to update or it could be that you just need to restart both devices.


Both devices are currently running version 6.25.1 and after playing this game for four years, I know enough to try restarting both devices. If you were to do a search on my account, you would find that this is not a new problem nor is it one that others have not complained about. It is one that occurs primarily during PvP events and is worst during times where more people are accessing your servers, such as when a new PvP island appears during Team Gauntlet or at the start of each session of The Pits. That is why I (and others) suspect that there is a bottleneck with PG’s servers that prevents the invites that require short turnarounds from being processed before they expire. If that is the situation, many of us could accept the problem IF, and only if, PG would admit to the problem.

Can you please give that information in the original post next time so that we have more accurate information to work with. I gave basic information to fix a problem with the basic problem that you had delivered.

It’s not our job to go digging through your post to find out what you mean. It’s yours to provide the most information to your problem so that we can help you to the best of our abilities. So chill with the condescending attitude to someone who was trying to help.

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The attitude comes from having issued tickets numerous times in the past for similar issues that never seem to get resolved. And I always seem to get responses that were worded similar to yours. I even told PGGalileo one time that I didn’t know why I should continue submitting tickets when the response always starts off blaming my device (or version) and ends with “the issue is being forwarded to our development team” with no resolution to the problem.

So, once again, I am extremely frustrated by an unresolved glitch in the game that leaves me continuing to question why I continue playing.

Been happening for forever when we play the game on android. The safest workaround is to have the event page on, then the banners always show.

To clarify, everyone can send attack invites. But the banner receiving side has to be using an apple device or have their event page on if they are using an android device in order to guarantee the banners to show.

This game wasn’t originally platformed for android and unfortunately with how bad the base game is setup I imagine that the conversion was just as convoluted. So all I can say is that if you really want to continue playing than getting an old iPhone that can still handle the game is the best way otherwise you will always have these glitches.

So essentially what you are saying is that in your opinion, about half of PG’s customers (the Android half) are going to have to live with a game that is broken and that PG doesn’t intend to fix it even though they advertise heavily on other games that are played by both iPhone and Android users. But that PG also isn’t going to admit that these problems exist even though (the Android half) continue to submit tickets that Customer Support tries (but fails) to address.

If the game wasn’t available as a PFF app, PG would find themselves in court defending against a number of false advertising claims.

Definitely my opinion.

I assume you reference their ads. It’s already be proven that there is a large wiggle room of creative freedom with making ads, and let’s face it-it’s no different than many other ads for other games

My comment about advertising wasn’t thinking about the ads that imply you can design your own dragon. It was more about if WarpedMalice is correct that Android users will always have to contend with glitches that iPhone users don’t and that Android performance will therefore be poorer, then the ads are misleading by implying equal performance on both platforms. You can imagine the lawsuits that would be filed if a company such as Verizon only connected 75% of the calls or text messages to iPhone users and not Android but wouldn’t admit that there was a problem despite large numbers of complaints to the FCC. There is an implication of equal platform access to WD that may not exist people like WarpedMalice is correct.

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The thing with “false advertising” is that you have to show that they actually advertised something that they aren’t doing. Just saying it is available on both Android and Apple devices does not mean that it was false advertising. If you took it to imply that they had equal performance, then it was simply just your assumption not something that was advertised.

False advertising example: when a company advertises something for $10, no fine print on the advertisment. Yet when you get there, you find out it is $50 but you can get it down to $10 if you do x y z.

Technically both work, both are playable, and you can play with friends on either platform. Both platforms have bugs. I still crash on my iPad. Just recently I had War Dragons refuse to open on my iPad. The fact that it runs better on Apple is because of numerous reasons, but our suspected chief one is that it was originally made for Apple and then ported to Android a year later.

Also the issue brought up in this thread, attack invites not being received, well that happens to me too on my iPad. Not all the time but I’m not on all day anymore either. There are still times where I have to restart simply because I am not receiving any invites and/or mine can’t be seen. So this isn’t an exclusive Android-only problem. When it gets really bad, it means it is time to restart the device. Not restart the game, restart the device completely.


That’s what I said! Yay I’m not insane. :joy:

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Well, and I do have to uninstall reinstall about once a month too. Usually tells when when a device restart doesn’t stop the “sorry we are refreshing this” constant errors it is time.

Android has it easy in that respect. Force stop, clear cache, clear data. Apple you have to completely uninstall reinstall for the same affect of wiping the cache and data files out to force a clean download.

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Wow I haven’t had that level of issues yet. Most of mine get fixed when the phone gets a little down time for the night.

I am having the same set of issues yet again with this event. I have restarted my devices (three of them) and gone through the effort of uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I have lost so many energy units, inner fires and points that it is simply not worth the effort.

And after submitting yet another ticket on the matter, all that I ever receive is silence or a message after the event ends telling me that it is too late to do anything, which it wouldn’t have been if they had responded within a day of receiving the ticket.

I always wonder why devs don’t make the games in their adverts. The game in the adverts generally look fun.

Then you play the game and it’s just a random GoW clone.

Apologies I’m OT

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