Issues With Chat & Chat Groups Missing

Issues With Chat & Chat Groups Missing

Hi all,

The team has been working on these issues since it was first reported. But to help us out, can we please hear from some players that encountered any of these issues for the first time within the last 3 to 5 hours? Please reply in this thread with an approximate time.

For the folks that are still experiencing these issues in their game, we apologize again for the trouble. We’ve got all hands on deck working on these problems. As soon as we hear of any updates, we’ll let you all know here.


One of my teammates just logged in for the first time and got kicked out of all chats. This happened 1minute or so ago.

I’m not sure when exactly mine went down, but it was fine when I went to bed last night. When I logged in about five hours ago it was broken.

I logged in at 05:50 PT and had no team chat and no group chats. Sadly. League chat was still there. If it helps, please feel free to delete my league chat and bring back my team chat.


I can see what players are leaving other teams in our alliance chat… don’t think that’s supposed to happen…

Quit team and return to get team chat back

Remove the 24 hour atlas loss and allow people to quit and rejoin there teams

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As @DragonPunch mentioned in the OP, please try to also post the approximate time that you were seeing (or in this case, not seeing) these issues in-game! This is super helpful for us while we continue to investigate. Thank you!

My alliance lost on alliance chat15 hours ago to 6 hours ago according to ur chat clock

I logged in 7 hours ago, initially I had team chat and only a few of my group chats were missing. However, after doing a few runs, I come back to find all my group chats and alliance chat gone. Then after a few more runs, no team chat. I still only have league chat right now.

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I can’t give you an exact time, but this morning I lost a few group chats. About an hour or so later, I lost at least two more group chats.


Here are the ss with times for ppl disappearing In the alliance chat.

12, 11, 10, 8,7, 6, and 5 hrs ago


For us it has been approximately 5-6 hours ago that some of my team mates have been kicked out of chats, not only team chat and unable to contact each other… i accepted them to another group chat so we can communicate thru there until problem is solved

Same here. I’m pretty sure they asked for - max of 5 hours ago for a reason.

They are currently only interested in stuff that has happened more recently.

Im still out been 12hrs or so. Just heads up of a time line.

We’re showing the first that “left” a chat room was 15 hrs 55 minutes ago. The most recent is 5 hrs ago

We’ve had 3 members quit team and join right back and all except a few old chat rooms are back. They also still have their event points in Atlas and are still eligible in regular event.

@Prince thank you and Kitty :kissing_heart:

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I am on the same timeline as you.

@Arelyna @Crisis Please for the love of god get the team to cancel wars. We just got declared on and I don’t even have team chat, much less our war group chat. I cannot see if we are coordinating waves, we can’t strategise to take down the big bases, this is a nightmare and our league placing is going to be affected.


This x 1000 how are we supposed to war when we can’t even communicate with the team. How about setting up a wave in LC :joy::woman_facepalming: