Issues with newest event!

Anyone else having an issue during this tug of war event where sometimes the points you earn and prizes you win arent being accumulated? It just says its loading and gives you a skip option so you dont have to wait for the battle results but then nothing is added!!! Its not only happening to me but also to my partner who just recently joined the game. So far ive lost 3k in points plus prizes and my partner has missed out on between 1 and 2k…
How do i fix this or who can fix it and give me what ive lost???

Create an in game ticket and they’ll investigate. If you think they’re not handling it properly or take longer than 48hours, come back here with your ticket number.

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Ok thanks, how do i create an in game ticket?

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Gear icon in the lower right > Help > + in the lower right on Android (Google) or Contact us in the upper right on iOS (Apple)

If in-game doesn’t work, there’s the support portal at , though you’ll want to get your Support ID from the about tab, also under the gear icon.

This sort of thing happens most events… it just takes time for the servers to catch up, but GENERALLY you will get your points after a little while.

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Closer event menu and go back in. Sometimes force close game. You will get your points.


^This always works for me.

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Ive restarted my phone, closed app etc etc and it still does it so ive contacted them via the link in the above comments so hopefully ill have a reply soon enough. Thanks all for your help, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem! Really frustrating!


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