Issues with stacks, defense, no glory



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If you are on Aligane, this tends to happen due to a large number of PvP happening. You are not the only player doing attacks there. What you attack may have been the target of someone and they finished first before you do.


I completely agree. I have not been there but I usually do battle there. This has only been an issue for the last2 weeks. I know and understand attacks can be made on players that are already killed. But only having one attack or defense count in this long of a time period I would say I have an issue.

Thank you Adam Fuhrman


Why the French are you attacking a rusher with a rusher?


I see that from time to time. People hit my Trapper with a trapper. Gives me a large amount of glory though.

Found one entry from my list. trapper hit me and killed 4k of my troops while he lost 7.5k troops.

What I got:
MIN[(7500 x 0.75),(4000 x 1.5)]
Glory = 5625

What he got
MIN[(4000 x 0.75),(7500 x 1.5)]
Glory = 3000


This happens with about half of my attacks. It isn’t because of primarchs being defeated before I beat them because the same primarchs are still sitting there with the same number of troops after my attack finished. The attacks never show up in the ledger.

This, on top of never getting the gold for half of my gold mine or poacher runs, is really decreasing my atlas activity. There’s not much to do in atlas other than build troops and get glory and half the time I can do neither.


Every once in awhile you can score great Glory for doing this. But this was just so I could screen shot what is happening and had others follow to see what was going on.

Thank you Adam Fuhrman


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Same here!!!
Non ofmy attacks haven’t been counted
I went to island with only 2 other players
Attacked immediately
When my attack was finished(less then minute,because base was super short) someone else 1)sailed there 2)attacked and killed me
Mine attack haven’t been counted
Their was
It’s technically impossible,because mine attack must be finished waaay earlier,then theirs

P.S.after my first attack,target was alive and with same amount of troops


Yep, I’m at 2 weeks and counting with this issue.


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