Issues with Team Quests and Summerkai Season Launch

Issues with Team Quests and Summerkai Season Launch

Hey All!

We are aware of the issues that players have been facing with losing chests/sigils and Team Quests. We are still investigating the lost chests/sigils issue, and hope to have an update soon.

For the issues with Team Quests, there are two different scenarios that players may experience:

  1. For anyone who is showing a quest that is a little over 4hrs and did not choose to reroll the quest, they will get new Team Quests at 7pm PT. These new quests will potentially be the same quests that the player currently sees in their game. Additionally, if they are the same quests, it will also fix the issue where players are seeing Springblossom sigils rather than Summerkai sigils.

  2. If a player has already re-rolled one of their quests with the end time ending in a little over 4 hours, they will not receive new quests at 7pm PT today. These players will receive new quests at 7pm PT tomorrow.

Both types of issue with Team Quests will still have players being able to finish 5 days worth of quests.

For anyone who did claim a Team Quest prize that contained Springblossom sigils, we will be crediting those players with Summerkai sigils later in the week.

We thank you for your patience and understanding!