Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


Hey Dragon Lords,

First off, let me apologize for the continuing issues with the egg token bonus boosts deactivating and disappearing as well chests dropping from monuments. Our team, including myself, has tried to resolve this issue by doing the magic on our end, but our patch that readjusts each user’s account to reactivate the boost and chests dropping does not fully solve the problem or has been failing. Unfortunately, all egg token bonus boosts or chest drops that have been reactivated by us are eventually getting deactivated again.

As of right now, we ask that you try deleting and reinstalling the app to see if this reactivates the boost for you (if you have not already). The team has a fix for this issue, and it’s scheduled to be released in our next major update.

In the meantime, we will be unable to reactivate the boost for our players since this is no longer consistently resolving the issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and the trouble this has caused during this breeding event. Once our update with the fix for this issue is live and has been confirmed to be working thereby resolving this problem, we will compensate everyone for the frustration this has caused.

I know this does not help with this current event, and for that I truly do apologize.

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I reinstalled the app and not only did it not fix my egg token boost, it completely broke Atlas (crashes every time I open it).

I would not recommend people reinstall.


@JennyD, I am sorry to hear that! That is not good at all.


And until then, will our boosts just be breaking and reactivating at will based on its mood and the current wind speed in Kalamazoo? When’s this gonna be released, any ETA?
I expect some generous compensation for this issue. I’ve missed out on thousands of tokens per day. :t_rex:


Re installing has not work for me. So when is this major update coming I hope soon


I’m included in the group of players who has lost the egg bonus as well as chests not dropping- three reinstalls haven’t helped but hopefully it works for some others. Can you provide information regarding when the next patch is scheduled which includes the fix? Should players be tracking the loss amount from completed missions or how will appropriate compensation be determined? The typical few gold chests ect would be very underwhelming compensation when compared with ongoing losses stemming from this issue. I personally normally complete on average 15 hourly missions, 4 of the 4 hour missions and the final mission once per day on average but egg loss from those missions is still far less than the drops I’m missing from not having chests drop given that I try to average 500 bronze per event week and often exceed it. Will compensation differ by player activity or be a flat compensation for all players?


I reinstalled and it made the game worst and more glitchy. I was at least getting chests before the reinstall, now nothing. No gold from poachers or gold mines, atlas elite nerfed, egg token boost nerfed, what reason do I have to play right now? I assume there will be a rather large compensation coming…


So you’ve done something that supposedly fixed this issue? I’ve already reinstalled this game more times this event than I have in the 2+ years I’ve been playing. At this point I am extremely skeptical that another reinstall will fix anything, given how it’s gone so far…


Is there any chance reinstalling might work after several attempts failed? I have done it once and it really is a nightmare process for me at least.

It takes a couple hours to get the game back to working nearly correct. The downloads of files and such. I will endure it if there is any hope, but it certainly didn’t work the first time I did it yesterday.

What I don’t understand is why would neither the season token boost nor the event token boost be working? Shouldn’t at least one of them?


re-installed this morning after support reply (+4 more times, last one after phone restart) , I wish I didn’t :flushed:

the 100% i had and was working - is now gone,
the 125% that was claimed 1.5 days ago - nowhere to be seen

And I was juuuust getting my hope back about the future of the game, with -10% token discount on obsidian and -20% on Emerald

seriously, PG, after ALL the August drama here on forum about them TOKENSSSSS :money_mouth_face:

I would investigate if it was some corporate sabotage :face_with_monocle:

how can the main gambling currency of this here illegal casino break for 2 weeks straight now, and no patch??? I mean it has got to be an insider job :astonished::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

At least my new Apple “Screen Time” statistics will benefit :smile:


Personally, I’m just glad this is finally being resolved. I’ve been having issues with chest drops cutting out nearly 12 hours early on Mondays for two months. It really sucks this is going to take so long, but I hope that the compensation will be adequate.

I really suggest your team be somewhat generous with the compensation…a lot of people have paid 3000-6000 sigils for a token bonus that is faulty.


Is it this?


Right now, this is pertaining to the seasonal Egg Token Bonus. The event one is slightly different and the Events team is already looking into this.

@OrcaFrost, to my knowledge, yes.


I made the smartest decision on not getting the Egg Bonus branch this season LMAO, had this issue last season and aint falling for it again, sorry for those experiencing it now though!

They need to give you back the Sigils you used on this branch!!! Some of you could probably get mythic hunter by now with the sigils wasted on the egg branch


I hope this means actual compensation and not just tossing a couple of gold chests and some timers at us. This has been an on going issue at least since summer. It has significantly hindered people’s breeding progression and event points. I certainly hope that lost sigils and rubies will be taken into consideration as well. Before that though I think a refund of the sigils spend on the bonus needs to be issued. A broken product was put out for sale and that isnt right


Game is truly broken now, Atlas won’t even load. When is the update?


@Arelyna do these issues relate to this issue Individual Points not showing properly at TEAM MATE CONTRIBUTIONS


Guys my game was really broken yesterday. I not only didn’t have the egg token boost (which I really feel like I wasted my sigils) but the shop was missing most of the packs, and no chests were dropping. I had a bunch of other weird stuff going on. I had deleted the game multiple times and reinstalled it to no avail.

It was suggested in another thread to log out of your game in your account settings on the game and then uninstall and then restart your device and then reinstall. I did this last night after spending a whole day of frustration and the shop was back to normal and my chests are dropping again. The egg token boost is not fixed but it is better then everything else being broken. Thought I would share to see if it might help someone else.


@Arelyna instead of “just” apologizing, you could give us a compensation right now… it costs you nothing


@SuzzQ, all of those issues are related and stem from the same core issue.

@Vysion, we generally wait until the issue has been fixed before we issue any compensation.