Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


Mines back as well,seems like a database issue. That is if they use one for in game items.


No apology gift.


Yep, mine’s back as well.

My guess is the client code was altered in 4.72 and that’s why they weren’t able to either fix it on their end or simply push a live update. When the event code is run (which is on a timer so can’t stop once it starts) the client defaults back to the initial bonus state, which is ‘off’.

Seems like someone in QC missed something small that screwed us all over big.


Especially those of us who were counting on the breeding event to give out more tokens than normal… but had no +100% egg token payout for the entire event, even after multiple deletions and re-installations of the game.


Mine is back too. This coding stuff is complicated for sure :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, since I didn’t get the egg token bonus this season I’m still stuck at my crappy 28+28 sigils egg tokens for my first mission :woman_facepalming:


You have sigil missions? :eyes:


OMG, I wish I did. What a hilarous typo :laughing:


28+28 sigil missions I was like damn get me some of that :joy::joy::joy:


And just like that the bonuses were fixed, right after the event ended. What wasn’t possible to do without a “planned / scheduled update was fixed magically.

Cost me and several team member hundreds or even a thousand sigils between total team standings and event prizes


Heyyy, mine’s back too! Thank god.
Sure hope this shit doesn’t happen again :expressionless: :t_rex:


Kinda funny how misteriously these kind of comments get “flagged and hidden”


Sometimes the sheer balls of PG could gag a pelican…

I can’t say this reaction is sufficient.


So how do we make sure we get on the list of players to be compensated? The email I got back from support does not make me feel confident that our issues are going to be tracked correctly. I haven’t got a bronze chest drop in weeks and also have the same issue with the egg token bonus not working up until recently. I know plenty have commented and its beating a dead horse at this point but I sure hope everyone is correctly compensated. I’ve missed out on hundreds if not close to a thousand bronze chests as well as who knows how many egg tokens


Im sure everyone will recieve their traditional x10 healing potions, x10 dragon boosts, x10 egg tokens, x10 3 min timers and a good hard slap in the face from PG


Ok so the in-game problems were bad enough but for me if an in-game mail or something in forums had gone out.

Something like, sorry guys but the egg token boosts are not working and we can’t repair them whilst event is in progress due to (coding error, someone messed etc). Boosts will be back after event and we are working/have a fix due out in next update.

Ok it’s not great but it’s better than, we are not apologising anymore and we won’t fix till next major update.

Just saying, transparency!


Wondering if there’s is any update on the compensation for not having the egg token boost the whole week of breeding please? Having it activate right after the event ended was interesting and I haven’t seen any update on the forums about this issue yet :frowning:️ Thank you.


Well, I’d be interested too if and when a compensation will be given. I lost about 15k tokens during this event, and I still have a ticket open to request them.
Just to calculate the value: I get about 3k tokens per 10 gold chest = 4K rubies. Means 15k tokens are worth 50 gold chests or 20k rubies.
This is more than a mid size pack of 55€ will give.
So yes, we are talking about real money in this issue. The compensation must be adequate.


Egg bonus fixed but still not getting chests. Reinstall did not work @Arelyna


I’m 69% sure I wasn’t affected by this but I want to be compensated anyways, thanks.