Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


Chests stop now. Event over…


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So my friend is so frustrated about this egg bonus not working right now and Zendesk is not helping the situation. He was told he is not going to get compensated, and while some people got their’s back, he’s still dealing with non sense. Think about yourself buying anything that doesn’t work and the store is saying that sucks to be you and no refund no exchange. This is how you lose customer.


Sounds like helpdesk is specifically saying they won’t be able to compensate the sigils spent on the season line, which is what is being referenced in the response. Pretty sure that’s because they’re not able to compensate for mass things like this. It’s handled in-house.


Well, I am happy to read that some people got theirs back… for me, platinum balloon with 125% gives 26 tokens for an hour. That is basic platinum, with neither 100% nor 125%.

Not that it would make any difference as I am not playing anymore


For those that claimed the line and never got the boost activated, they should get their sigils back.


Has the compensation been given out yet?


They ain’t giving compensation until its fixed.

Still trying to figure out why everyone is posting their BS conversations with Zendesk. They’ll tell you anything to get you to go away.


Unfortunately, I do not have any further updates at this time about this particular issue. I’ve seen some report that logging out and back in has solved the issue while some have reported the issue being resolved with a reinstall.

Version 4.80 is still slated for next week. Any compensation for the issue will not be sent out until the issue has clearly been determined to be resolved.


Maybe I will try a reinstall losing another 30k egg tokens would be worth the risk of the game breaking. My teammate reinstalled and it took 3 days for his game to function.


It must be something with the breed event.

When the event came on, I lost my boost and it came back after the event ended. The boost came back without me having to do anything.


Hopefully it was just the breeding event and we’re not about to lose the bonus for another 5 days…


I have the 125% egg boost but as soon as event started, I had no boost not even event boost. Strange though because as soon as event finished my 125% boost was back!

I uninstalled/reinstalled a least a half dozen times over the course of the event and all it did was make my game worse.
How do I mean worse:-
chests stopped dropping,
lag getting into Team Quests tab (had drop out then come back in)
spells showing incorrectly on both dragons and in the Forge,
avatars showing incorrectly in battle screen,
store only showing two packs,
occasional ‘unable to attack this player’ error.

Then there was the loss of chat and unable attack, granted this was a separate issue but…


For me any event can break the token boost or activate it. Reinstalls, hard reset, start of an event, end of an event …sometimes when the token is broken chest drops stops aswell, sometimes it’s only the token boost.
I play two accounts and only my android account is affected


back at it again when is fix coming i can barely login anymore during an event due to the depression of constantly being shafted


Yep, mines gone too. This crap really is old. Every event, it disables. Really shitty


Thankfully mine is still on


Any update on when apology gift for the token issue will be issued. I can confirm after Breeding event ended my token boost returned, i.e. season token boost. So it was just for that event that the boost was not working, i.e. the breeding event normal token boost. Thank you.


This does not looks promising, what if they cant fixed it?

and if they do fix it, is the compensation computed by the daily accumulation of the boosts that it is missing? What will be the base number?


This will be pretty impossible to give a good compensation unless they really over do it.
As it’s impossible to know how much runs people would have done if stuff worked