Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


Considering the fact that the egg token boost has been broken since the day it came out, I’m going to say that no, they can’t fix it. So maybe that means they don’t plan on compensating us :upside_down_face:


I wouldn’t hold my breath, the investigation might take a while.

I am hopelessly hopeful, and believe in miracles. I wish you all will get what you deserve.


No gift and 1000 token. Which one would you like?


@PGJared lost out last season with this, missed alot of this season plus all the time it takes to uninstall and reinstall the game and files. I grind alot and missed out on 10s of thousands of tokens will you be compensating that sort of numbers??


Here is 1000 token for your issue, thanks for playing war dragons!


In addition for compensating the frustration during the last 2 events and missed rewards during the breeding event, we need fair compensation for the additional tokens that we deserved…
Once the fix is done and working, I propose that the following 2 events have their bonus doubled, +250% instead of +125% and +200% instead of 100%.
That would be a global solution, not involving checking individual accounts.


Omg, you really suggest another change. I’m quite sure this solution will break the egg bonus again :joy::joy::joy:


It’s honestly not a bad solution at all. They may give out more tokens than normal, but it also depends on how much effort people put into their farming. It may also cause lots of players to spend rubies to speed up missions who otherwise may not have done so.

Overall i think that would be a winning solution.


For some it will always be an whining solution, noone will ever be happy no matter what you get for free🙈


No Bronze Chests…just Rubi-drops…again @Arelyna


Thanks for the heads up @Arka83


Yup, lots of rubies too. Think, every time you are supposed to get a chest, you get rubies.


Thanks for the heads up, @Jonesy.


Not me, Im getting lots of clocks and other consumables


Had egg token bonus restored, but today it broke again. Force closed game, cleared data and cache, restarted phone, reïnstalled game. 2nd time i did that it was restored again



I appreciate those who have followed up about their Egg Token Bonus and chest drops following the event release. We will be following up with users once the update is out to see if the fix has resolved the issue.


Any idea when that update will be out? Everything PG has said to date on an imminent release has been wrong.


So far I got 2 chests then it switched to rubies and now I’m not even getting those. Seems both have dropped to zero percent for a drop. Waiting to see if the update fixes it. Normally an update mid event breaks it and instead of getting chests I get rubies maybe this time it’ll do the opposite since it’s already broken :joy: Not happy i keep missing out on chests though it’s getting very frustrating.


What Arelyna is saying here is the fix hasn’t rolled out yet, so y’all hang on and let her know the status AFTER the fix is live. :rofl:


@NotOdie, I wish I had more information on why it has not populated yet, but I don’t have much more.

@jb4WAR, that is correct.