Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


I can say that the fix from the 4.80 update definitely didnt fix the issue. I did the Android update and lost my token boost and am back to getting rubies and consumables from monuments. I would try uninstalling but Im honestly terrified of getting some of the other glitches I keep hearing about from this update

Edit: I gave in and tried clearing game data and reinstalling and it seems to have worked for now. my token boost is back and Im seeing some chests dropping and havent seen any of the new glitches yet. Maybe for once us Android users arent the ones getting screwed over (well except not getting the squid)


Shortly after update I lost both the egg token bonus and chests appear to have stopped dropping. This is starting to really off set the progression improvements.


Clearing cache seems to have worked for now.


Working for me since newest update.


@Arelyna any word on compensation?


Since the fix didn’t fix it doubt they’ll issue it yet


Can add my voice in here. This last update is seriously messed up for me.

Edit: Oh joy, my egg token bonus is gone too. :rage:


When did yours turn off? Before or after thr update?


After the update. :confused:


Ohhhhh, I tried restarting my phone and now the app won’t launch at all. Yippee What the actual fuck, PG?!


If the fix for token bonus is still not out and we have not rcvd compensation that we were promised then why are we rushing into another early breeding event?
I’m trying real hard not to be a jerk here, but it’s been 3 weeks now… many of us are owed tokens and now we’re going into a breed event early again, the last ended on 10/1. :woman_facepalming:t2:


@Arelyna Can we have an update on the status of the fix and of any potential compensation?

Given the announcement of breeding this week, I’d like to know A) how likely it is that I’ll lose the bonus later this week and B) if I can expect any help with the grinding i’m going to need to do to meet my goals.


The silence is deafening.


Let’s talk about the impact of the loss of the Egg Token Bonus. Note that all the below is based on the 100% bonus… 125% bonus people should get 1.25 everything listed.

The way I see it, there are several distinct areas that are affected:

A) The timer based bonus - Affected players only got the base values for every mission completed during the outage. Absolute max value would be 24 x 20, 6 x 40, and roughly 100, so 820 tokens per day, but that would involve no sleep, so I throw it out as unrealistic. It is however likely that those who invested in the bonus are those who expect to get a lot out of their purchase, so let’s say 12 x 20 for the hourly missions, 5 x 40 for the four hour missions, plus 80 for the daily mission. So, ~500 tokens per day. Now, multiply that by 2 if you have Elite, and then multiply by the balloon level bonus and you get the amount that each player is owed. So personally, with Elite plus a Garnet balloon bonus and affected for 5 days, anything under 6500 tokens for this particular category is pretty much wrong. It’s really hard to argue with this category as it’s straight losses from gameplay… No purchases involved, no adjustment for changes in playstyle because the bonus wasn’t available.

B) Lost opportunity to grind - This is one of the biggest perks of the bonus, but it’s also harder to quantify. Yes, people regularly grind tens of thousands of tokens, but they pay both 30 rubies per 40 or 80 tokens and time to finish the missions to do so. My proposal for this part is to allow each affected player to flat out buy some quantity of tokens for rubies for the 30 to (40 or 80) ratio. I leave it to PG to evaluate whether they want to cap the number of purchases each player can make, but killing the bonus killed this opportunity for us. And no, selling egg tokens for actual money does NOT make up for this, as players spend their in-game currency earned through events on progression, and it’s pretty awful that we had to skip that during a breeding event. This helps make up for this.

C) Prizes for the breeding event - Not sure how to quantify this, as players and teams missed out on prizes for THAT particular event. Maybe assume the next prize for all players/teams? Or just throw gold chests at it.

D) Prizes downstream - Again, really hard to quantify. If someone didn’t get the next evolution because they were affected, that means they potentially got fewer points in Kingdom Wars because their dragons were weaker than they should have been, or maybe they missed eggs for a builder hut upgrade and couldn’t score as well in Fort. This is, unfortunately, likely best handled through a “here’s some chests” solution.


I feel for those that aren’t getting the egg token bonus. I opted to pass on it this season in an effort to give myself a break from grinding. I’m soooooo glad I did otherwise I’d be absolutely livid right now. An average day of token grinding for me was 5K - 7K. I’m sure PG’s compensation would not be inline with that.

My fingers are crossed for all of you. :pray::crossed_fingers: Truly!


@Arelyna it’s a new day, same question though: when are we getting compensated for the half million or so egg tokens lost this season?


Agreed. On my math, I’m down close to 10k missed eggs due to the “bug”. Not to mention the five days of no chests… being in the biz myself, my clients expect fixes to be fixed and if a solution is not working as expected cted, our clients ask for money back, or free extensions. I haven’t see pg do either


At this point I honestly just want my sigils back. They can reset the token bonus and return our sigils. If I had known about the cadence changes they started doing this season I would not have chosen to get the token bonus. I’d much rather put those sigils into something else. Just consider the prizes collected on that branch our “compensation”. :grin:

Edited because I apparently can’t spell before my first cup of coffee… :see_no_evil:


@Arelyna The update has been out for a while, any word on when compensation will finally be issued for this?


Will there be another bonus issue in the comming breeding event?
@discobot fortune