Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


This is what I suggested in another thread. If they can’t think of a good compensation I think giving everyone their Sigils back to spend on something else makes more sense.


Another idea I saw someone give was to double the normal boost from 100% to 200%, or 125% to 250%, for however many days the boost wasnt working. So using myself as an example, I’d get a 250% boost for about a month. @Arelyna does that sound feasible? Its certainly easier and more fair than trying to figure out how many tokens to give everyone affected by this.


I also skipped out on the bonus. I just didn’t see it make any impact to what I earned or not and thought why waste my sigils. I know the math exists that say it does increase your token count, etc, etc but I personally didn’t see any impact therefore I did not spend for it. If I did I too would be mad so also crossing my fingers for those affected.


Yeah i took chance and am probably behind 45k egg tokens at this point from just not grinding. Not sure how you even measure with all the game breaking bugs affecting playing time recently.


I think the problem there is how far back are they going when considering? I’ve been having token bonus issues since the start of the summer season which is why I didnt even bother getting the 125% this time since I figured the problems were just going to keep continuing (which they did)


While it would be great if they went back to last season, I doubt it. This current season would probably be the limit.


@Arelyna Egg Token Boost is broken again. I have the Season 125% boost and it was working an hour ago but I went to do egg runs and now it is back to normal?

And yes I have already filed a ticket with support. Sigh…


@Arelyna I was getting chests and my token boost was working just fine for the first time this season, then you guys release the mini update 4.82 that’s supposed to fix stuff, and now I’m back to getting rubies and a broken boost. Thanks for nothing.


Try clearing your game cache and reinstall. I had that issue after 4.80, did that and havent had an issue so far

What exactly does this update do for Android users? It says “Fixes an issue where multi-tap was not working for hunter basic attacks as well as Warrior and Sorcerer spells casts. Fixes an issue where players were crashing while loading into the game or traveling. Fixed iPhone X, XS and XS Max misalignment issues when launched in portrait mode”

As far as I know these are all ios issues, I havent heard of anyone on android having them since 4.80. Is this a required update? I’d rather not fix what isnt broken because it’ll probably break


I’m leaving both iOS and Android on the older version for a little bit. Android has the same patch notes… including the iPhone notes :rofl:


Yep, that’s why Im wondering why Android users even have an update. Only reason I could see is if it’ll create joining conflicts with ios users being on a different update version. But if it’s not optional then Im not downloading it. For once things are actually ok on Android.


4.80 was a disaster.
4.81 had a issues, but the bonus was okay and the chests dropped.
4.82: rubies again.

@Arelyna, I thought that this was fixed. Honestly, will I live long enough to have a week without this issue, when everything works as intended?


I just updated to 4.82, and came to check forums :eyes: I should have checked forumn first :man_facepalming: Not even going to open the game till I hear things are back to normal :roll_eyes:


rubies never fixed lol
always need reinstalling app fml


What happened to rubies for some players? :eyes:
I think I don’t have that problem but I don’t want to do something that might cause it :sweat_smile:


monuments drop rubies instead of chests during event


not funny


Aaah I see. Indeed I never had this problem :thinking: but just for security sake neither am I gonna get 125% boost (100% is enough for now) nor I will update the app to 4.82… no need for it now since my multitap problem was cured… by itself.


i thought it got cured too. but every 4-5 attacks after restart,I got hurt again and again by repeated issue. i’d recommend to update