Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


It was bouncing for me too when update 4.80 crashed game but I had no problem with spells for 3 days so far, no matter how many times I log in or log off, and no matter how many hundreds of attacks do per day. Good for now. I really don’t want to get more problems by trying to fix nothing))


I’d have my last dragon if they gave ne what i am owed, lol


When event started it only gave me rubies, no action helped, but the 4.82 update fixed that

So for once everything seems fine


Updated to 4.82 on iOS. Ran Xonn 10 times and got zero chests. Though statistically possible, very improbable. I usually average 1.5 chests per run.

Reinstalled to see if that fixes chest drops.

Guess what? It didn’t fix the chest drops. 5 runs and zero chests on Xonn.

Very frustrating. It would be nice if someone at PG could figure out how to fix the chest drop issues.

UPDATE: after 2nd reinstall chests are dropping.


Isn’t Xonn just farms? Defense value is a factor go fly invader if you have atlas or regular bases at or above your level for a better test of whether chests are dropping.


Xonn has a perch.

I know how chest drops work, and when they go from dropping at least 1 per run to zero in 15 runs, something is wrong.

And I don’t really want to fly my invaders and collect all my gold testing this and have to deposit to bank and ask for it later. Or waste helaing pots just to test chest drops.

After a 2nd reinstall my chest drops are working.


Reinstalled twice, still rubies. But I was getting chests before the update, that’s what’s so frustrating. Even the fix is broken smh


Same here. 4.81: I had silver and bronze chests, now rubies every once in a while. Even silver chests drop more often than those rubies, so this is a “Thanks for nothing” situation. I feel the urge to send a love letter to Support.


This is terrible, Before this update 4.82, whenever i dun get chest during event, i just need to delete the app and reinstall , today i have reinstall for 5 time, still i am not getting any chest.


I forget who said it, but they won’t give compensation until it’s fixed, so… Looks like the plan is to never fix it so they don’t need to give compensation.


Yeah. So shortened the cycle time and no compenation likely with things still busted. In the new cycle having the egg token bonus busted will kill progression.


If you are still having issues with you Egg Token Bonus, please contact support. We are already discussing compensation, but I do not have an ETA.

Problem with Atlas and seasonal map

@Arelyna The boost is working now, but what I am trying to tell you is that the update released yesterday caused MORE issues, not fixed them. I had chests dropping when the event started, updated, now the store is empty and chests stopped dropping. Reinstalling does nothing. Support sends the standard auto reply that they are aware of the issue bla bla try reinstalling bla bla. I say I did that already, get the same auto reply again. Just roll back the update yesterday, I finally had everything working for the first time this season and you guys screwed it up again!
Update: Support now says there is no issue affecting the drop rate of chests, and that I should attack players higher level than me. Clearly that’s not true, so can we get some real support?


During this breed would be FANTASTIC, just saying :grimacing:


Aaaand my chest drops just broke. Woohoo, not like I NEED those with this new cadence or anything :roll_eyes:


I think mine are broken too. IDK. I don’t feel like playing today with the shitty visuals that are happening all over the place. :t_rex:


I have been getting (a handful of) rubies instead of chests ever since I installed the update earlier today.


Update: Did the full uninstall/reinstall, logging out and back in, and full restart of my game and still getting rubies.

I’m a bit miffed.


The mini update they pushed out fixed the chest drops for me. However, the new map is terrible so I switch to the original. Unfortunately, it also forced Atlas attacks to use the original map, so half the towers are buried in the ground or invisible! Great job, fix one thing only to break something else!


I had chests until about 25 minutes ago, even after the update :unamused: