Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


Ah damn. I haven’t checked in the last hour, mine might be broke again too then.


It’s been over an hour and still broken. Guess I’ll go play something else, then :unamused:


Yep mine just broke. Got chests one run and rubies the next.


Before update the mission show 54 egg token in mission, after update it show 61 (im at sapphire and havent upgraded balloon this event)
is this weird?


its 125% boost activated :slight_smile:
54 means only 100% boost


But I only spent sigil on 100% boost, I didnt touch 125%.


Don’t speak when you get extra bonus. remember the golden rule :see_no_evil:


That is like pick up someone wallet and keep it. Im afraid it gonna charge me after


and spending on digital stuff is like burning in thin air? :roll_eyes:


Support had to manually activate chests for me again, nothing else worked,


At least the worked and stayed working. Before they would activate it and it’d get broken again. :slightly_smiling_face:


I believe it ,if it still works in a couple of weeks, it’s been on and off for 5 weeks now :wink:


I’m livid pissed that you haven’t given us any compensation on missing tokens especially when you pushed out breed again so quickly. This is not ok. I’d ask Apple for a refund but I stopped buying packs months ago due to massive pg screws ups and the feeling of getting ripped of for paying for a broken product. I’m debating buying a pack just to ask for a refund so I don’t feel 100% screwed by pg. I’ll get the compensation I’m owed with or without pg.


I wrote them 16 hours ago and haven’t heard anything back. Chests began spontaneously working again last night after four hours without, but I woke up today and it’s broken again :woman_facepalming:


@Arelyna - 22hrs later, and still nothing? Are you going to let this go into the weekend of a breeding event w/o compensation? I see there’s no issue putting new packs in the store to purchase…


They are going to wait until we either give up, forget, or quit playing. Or slap us in the face with a thousand egg tokens and 5 gold chests. 7 weeks without the bonus, that’s about a quarter million egg tokens grinders like me SHOULD get as compensation. But we will be lucky to get a tenth of that.


As I’ve said previously, I don’t have an ETA just yet. I completely understand the frustration, but we want to make absolutely sure that the bonus is working for everyone.

Compensation for Issues

Looks like chest drops are deciding to work or not work depending on their mood and the wind speed in Kalamazoo. Did two Atlas invader runs back-to-back; first one dropped chests, second dropped rubies and no chests. Didn’t even exit the app or Atlas.
Edit: Back to chests. Stay tuned for the next episode where we spin the wheel again. :t_rex:


Just noticed both my accounts - main and alt gets different tokens from missions, which is normal. The weirdest part is that my alt which is lower tier gets more than my main. Am i missing something here, or this is another bug?
For the test i finished a mission on my alt and refreshed the time using rubies - the result is still the same
Anyone having something similar to this?

@Arelyna take a look at this one, please :slight_smile:


Do you have the seasonal 125% bonus?