Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


Both acc have 100% token bonus + Elite


That’s really weird. Your plat missions are paying out the same as emerald tier balloon.


Mine have disappeared and reappeared at least four times in the last two hours :roll_eyes:


I have the same amounts on Platinum, but with the 125%. So celebrate the free ETB!


But it hasn’t worked for everyone literally since the day it was released.

Since PG has devalued our egg token bonus by changing the event order AND because it hardly ever works, they should refund everyone all sigils spent on the egg token line. Take accountability PG.


Well, I wouldn’t mind getting 6.2k sigils I can re-invest in Somnus :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, give me 5k and we’re good. After all, it works sometimes


I agree with that. This is the first season I’ve gotten the egg token boost, since I’m in sapphire now. Never needed it before. If I had known the breeding frequency was going to increase, and thus the breeding bonus, I would not have bothered getting the seasonal token boost. I’d love to have those sigils back for somnus.


I agree with this. I’ve gotten the egg token boost the last few seasons and it has generally made a nice little difference, since the event boost was only active 25% of the time. Now that it’s active 33% of the time, it’s worth substantially less going forward.

If this new cadence is here to stay for the foreseeable future, we deserve a refund of a portion of our sigils at the very least OR to have the bonus increased from 100%/125% to 125%/150% in order to make our investment at the beginning of the season worth the sigils we’ve spent.


See I don’t think you do understand the frustration or why in the world would you have put up another breeding event knowing full well it’s broken?!?!? I’m 90 frags short on finishing my dragon to breed. I’m missing egg tokens that would have gotten me done with this dragon. I’m wasting days of multipliers on xp waiting for you to fix something that you knew was broken but went ahead and pushed out early anyways. Then the only response we get for weeks is we are looking at it and sometime in the future we will fix it and give you back what you paid for. If it was a bank holding on to your money and they said yes we know you deposited it but we refuse to give you your money back for 5-7 weeks until we make sure it’s your money would you be ok with that answer?


I’m adding to the complaint about chests. I’m getting next to zero.
Really frustrating & such a botched update.


Same here , 0 chests. :frowning:


Two breeding events in a row and still no egg token compensation :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:


I know I personally went part way into getting the egg token bonus at the start of the season… then saw/heard it was broken for most people and stopped. Just a straight sigil refund would be nice…


Some one had better brief your support team!
Because with a known problem on chest drops, this is not an acceptable answer to once again suggest the problem is the players end!


I would not hold your breath…


So when is this compensation coming? If we’re waiting for everything to work correctly we will be waiting a long ass time.


@Arelyna any word at all about the compensation for this? It kind of feels like this issue has been set off to the side in the hopes that it will die. It’s been 3 days since we last heard anything. Unless the option of giving everyone a free seasonal branch is on the table I cant really see what would be taking this long. It would have been super helpful to have gotten whatever it is during this breeding event but obviously that didnt happen.

I certainly hope the hold up isnt trying to decide what the absolute minimum amount to give out will be that wont cause too many players to quit the game in outrage over this major issue.


I know that this has been delayed more than we would like, but we were following up with several players who we’ve known to have been having this issue for a while to confirm that it was indeed working for them. We are working to figure out what our best form of compensation for this issue will be.

2 completed breeding events, still no word on missing tokens
2 completed breeding events, still no word on missing tokens

In fact we have players quitting the game after event :neutral_face:. And not just cause of this. Please add atlas elite nerfed, glitches, horrendous customer service, new event cadence, etc.


Considering the extremely long time anything less than 100k+ egg tokens ,will result in a massive bunch of pissed off people. Why is compensation still being discussed? It was being discussed last week,and the week before.