Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


@Ndawen, we were confirming things were working hence the discussions.


@Arelyna I’m not sure if you saw the suggestion of doubling the boost for those who were affected by the length of time it was broken? For example, 125% to 250% for the remainder of the season for those whose boost has been broke all season, or a week if it was only broke for a week, etc. Seems like a fair way of compensating everyone since grinders use rubies to speed missions normally, but didnt while the boost was broken. Has this been proposed as a solution in your discussions?


Thanks for letting us know, hopefully a decision is made soon and I do appreciate checking in to make sure the boosts are working.

All I will say about what we actually get is let’s avoid another one of these from the summer, please

^^^ That original one was just terrible and a slap in the face to the players. I personally had support take mine back because of how insulting it was.


That’s a lame compensation. A straight up large amount of egg tokens is the only compensation, we should accept.


I’d rather structure it as a buyout opportunity for tokens rather than a straight payout of a smaller amount of tokens.

Let us purchase tokens for rubies at a slightly higher rate we would have previously earned them (3 tokens:1 ruby is the highest currently available, let us get them at a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio).
Let us trade in up to 1000 or 2000 rubies per day that this bug/issue existed. This can vary based on activity level maybe, or tiered based on token accumulation for an average month.

The problem with a flat payout of tokens is that it doesn’t take into account the people grinding, and the people doing nothing. If a person is doing no missions, why do they deserve to get a flat out payment into their bankroll? What about the people who lost the opportunity to grind out 4-5k rubies worth per day or even higher?

The buy out method allows the flexibility for both options. If someone doesn’t have the rubies to grind them out, then they can’t buy them at the exchange rate. The buy out method of a slightly higher than normal rate is for the delta in time that these tokens could have helped a persons performance out for this season. They have missed sigils from events, so a better rate is ideal. But this rate can’t be too high either, or else everybody would go and purchase it even if they weren’t a grinder since this saves dozens and dozens of hours of grinding.

Overall, i think a tiered ruby exchange program (short term, 1 week long, based on your average token accumulation for the month of august before the things broke, at an exchange rate of 4:1 tokens:rubies) would be a fair overall compensation.
Plus a few gold chests for the “pain and suffering”


For some people this has been going on longer. One of my team mates did not even grab the bonus this season because of last season. I like the buyout idea not sure about taking the average from a month.


When it’s a game wide bug it has nothing to do with who deserves what. What kind of lame ass reasoning is that? A flat out compensation is fair to everyone,not just the elites.


This would unfortunately require new technology which is extremely unlikely to be developed.


There’s already a location to buy egg tokens in the UI, though the prices are currently an absurd 1 egg token for 4 rubies.

For one week, change the offers to 8:3 (or better, if you want to follow mechengg’s suggestion) instead of 1:4 for anyone who bought the egg bonus this season. If you want to get super fancy, put caps on numbers of purchases at the better rate.

Or just offer it to everyone… I get that that “costs” you, but it’s not real currency, and you’re still getting rubies out of it.


How large is “large”? If my boost had been working properly I wouldve had close to an extra million tokens this season. But I grind more than most, and use almost all my rubies doing it. They cant give a million tokens to everyone, for many the boost was only broken for a few weeks. @mechengg I like the buyout option, but they better make it available for longer than a week, I dont have many rubies saved up currently because I’ve been grinding tokens all week.


PG just sold a pack with 12.5k rubies (~35k eggs if fully ground) plus 43k eggs for $99.

If you think we’re getting $100+ each (using their math) in compensation, you should probably start getting mad now.


They only offered that pack to a few, it wasnt available to everyone.



So using this as the backbone, just change the values around and limit the amount of times they can be purchased. Is this possible @PGJared?


100k+ is perfectly reasonable or do it tier based. This crap about buying eggs using rubies is assinine. It’s a bug caused by PG,not something the players did or didn’t do.


Just because fools buy overvalued packs ,has nothing to do with compensation for a game wide bug.


Unfortunately not. It’s the limiting that would be the issue, since we’d be looking to limit based on tier to account for opportunity. That’s not something we can build. I don’t even know if we can put together a standard limit in any reasonable amount of time for something like that.

(Basically, anything which would require engineering resources are extremely unlikely)


That doesnt come anywhere near adequate compensation for me or many others who grind tokens. That’s why I suggested doubling the boost for the length of time it was broken.


Just don’t double the cost of rubies speeding it up.


Yeah i understand the building of new tools is something that PX wants to strive away from, just trying to come up with alternatives that maybe PX has access to.

And it’s unfortunate that the buyout amount isn’t able to be capped easily, because it’s really the important thing in this whole mess is to not allow just anybody to purchase as many as possible because then the grinders (time spenders) lose that advantage and the spenders win huge.

In lieu of any new technologies, i’d do a query on missions completed in August/September or some time when the last token bonus was most active/most people had earned it and it was confirmed that most people has the bonus working. Sort these folks into X groups and give out tokens based on this average for the groups based on the whole months performance. It at least puts missions completed as the main category divisor, and then the coefficient can be tweaked based on how long the boost was down, what type of additional compensation you want to give, and other parameters.

Alternately, depending on your computing power just give everyone a coefficient x #missions they completed. It would be a blended coefficient taking into account token bonuses, elite, mission balance (#1hr vs #4hr vs #20hr per day) then just dole out tokens according to this.


But us grinders weren’t doing much grinding with the boost broken, so pulling the numbers from the beginning of the season (when the boost was broken) would be much lower than reality. I grind out about 10k a day on average, but in September I think I barely did 3k per day. Am I misunderstanding your proposal?