Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


My proposal is that the figures be taken from the last point in time that the bonus was confirmed working, plus the majority of the players who had the bonus would have had it previously. Would end up being August i figure before the season changed. This is when there was no holds barred on grinding amounts :slight_smile:


Just for the record, whilst following this thread & had a couple of comments, the follow up to support has continued to be denial to me there’s a fault on chest drops during this event & telling me the failing chest drops are just down to “the percentages” behind the drops.
So all the time PG employees acknowledge there’s a problem here in the forums. Support continues the nonsense that this issue doesn’t exist.
Pretty crappy all in all.


You’re getting the standard auto reply. If you ask the ticket to be escalated you will get a real response…eventually.


Then maybe instead of just August, they should average out the whole summer season. Personally I didnt grind as much in August as I was sitting on 500k tokens and already had all the sigils I needed, and I know lots of folks tend to slow down at the end of the season and start saving for the next. Either way, sounds way more complicated than my idea, but if you guys dont think itll be fair to double the boost for the length of time it was broken, your idea is a valid option as well, just lots more math.


Oh I got real responses. Definitely not bots.
They just weren’t helpful.


I like the idea of just doubling the numbers for the boost. That should be just adjusting a number in a file somewhere?

It might overcompensate some people, but whom does that hurt?


But that’s exactly what the egg bonus does… yes, it also gives about 1 - 1.5k per day extra tokens (see my math for that about 100 posts ago) but the greater value is that it lets you buy 80 tokens per 30 rubies.

Unless someone has been affected for the entire season, they haven’t lost 100k eggs. They may have lost the ability to buy 100k eggs for 37.5k rubies.

Looks like the point is moot though, as it’s not a viable solution.

5k eggs and 3 gold chests here we come!


But we HAVE been affected the entire season. I sent in my first of many tickets to support day 3 or 4 of the season because the boost has not worked properly from the very beginning. We are over halfway through the season now!

And 80 tokens for 30 rubies is only the 100% boost, its 90 tokens for 30 rubies with the full line. Or 132 tokens for 43 rubies with the balloon upgrades. Either way with the full boost line it’s a 3:1 ratio.


When will i get my follow up?


I wasnt able to get chests nor my eggs which i did put in a ticket



I understand that you want to make sure the issue is fully fixed. However I really don’t understand why you have to have it fully fixed before you can issue it. I don’t see why from when it stopped working you couldn’t issue a weekly compensation.

Sure if it was a quick fix I’d get it but this has been going on for ages now. I don’t get why you don’t want to ease the pain on your suffering customers?


When I say the entire season, I mean the entire season, not 7 weeks. We’re starting week 8 today, so let’s say you’ve been affected for 45 days.

From my post awhile ago, I estimated 500 tokens per day * 2 if Elite * balloon level. So for you, assuming that you have Elite and have a balloon multiplier of 1.45, and my math was assuming 100% bonus so you get an extra 1.25… So 1812 tokens a day * 45 days = 81,540.

So you, personally, should absolutely get about 81.5k tokens. You’re pretty darn close to the maximum possible payout, and I’d wager most of us affected haven’t been hit nearly as hard. Giving 100k to everyone is just not going to happen. As I said above, I estimate the direct impact on me was about 6500. I’m betting the vast majority of affected users are closer to me than to you.

Edit: To clarify, that’s ONLY the direct impact, not including the loss of grinding ability. Given the above response of “we aren’t going to do anything that would require dev effort” I’m not sure what they could do to fix that beyond give us the bonus next season or give us a refund.


I’ve seen companies compensate much bigger items for their screwups. This was caused by a bug,not something players did,and it should be a big compensation.




Not sure if it’s related to this as I couldn’t find it on a search but I realised today my egg mission amounts were wrong last week, I have the garnet upgrade but I was getting 52 as the base amount for the small mission and this week I’m getting 63 :thinking:. Wasn’t thinking about it during breeding so I didn’t twig but I did use rubies to grind missions (and was getting the lower amount)- is this a known issue or worth opening a ticket?


Your math looks right, cant argue there. However, the WHOLE POINT of getting the boost is for grinding missions. Why bother getting the boost if you dont plan on speeding missions? Not worth the sigils in that case. So I would argue that the loss of grinding ability needs to be addressed just as much as the direct impact.
And to be clear, I still DID grind missions, because I still wanted to get new dragons every breeding event. I just got a horrible ruby to token ratio doing it. Instead of 1 ruby to 3 tokens, its 3 rubies to 4 tokens. 1:3 vs 1:1.33 is a huge difference when you’re grinding 200k tokens between breeding events. So if they arent going to give more than the bare minimum tokens, they need to refund the wasted rubies. Does that make sense? Normally, grinding 100k tokens would cost about 33k rubies, but without the boost, it would cost 75k rubies. The impact on grinders is much greater than just the direct impact. And I really dont know if PG has taken that into account.
@Arelyna are you following what I’m saying?


Look here, everyone uses their rubies for different things at different times and in different quantities. I’m not spending rubies now earmarked for sigil chests because of missing PvP events to re-buy the tokens lost during #BrokenBoken2018.

Enough of that noise.


This is why I suggested doubling the boost for the rest of the season. Or the length of time the boost was broken for those less affected. Let’s everyone choose to spend their rubies how they want. But so does this buy back option. If you want to save your rubies for sigils chests, that’s your choice. If tokens are your priority, use them for that. Or just refund the sigils spent on the boost, since it is still apparently not working correctly for some.


Well sort of… Since I didn’t have those tokens over the past 2 breeding events I earned fewer prizes and so did my teammates. Missed that last team prize. That’s a lot of sigils to spend rubies on that I likely wouldn’t have had to if the boost wasn’t broken.

I wouldn’t have had to spend rubies to earn tokens and sigils when the boost was broken, I shouldn’t be required to spend anything to get them back now. That’s not compensation; that’s a discount.

EDIT: I do, however, think the double boost for remainder of season is a decent solution. It’s not a one-off that will piss off more players than it elates, and it offers a scalable bonus that players can choose to what extent they will take advantage of.


To be clear, I’m not a fan of the buy back option, I’d rather have them double the boost for the rest of the season, which allows more flexibility in how you use your rubies I think. But I get what you’re saying, there are second and third order effects from this that a 100k tokens just isnt going to solve. PG really needs to go over the top with the compensation, because theres no way they can calculate all the second and third order effects.