Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


And soon…



Thank you for linking that @D0CT0RDEATH. You beat me to it. :grin:


Np lol


Yeah, totally agree that they needed to compensate for the missed grinding. Just didn’t expect them to be able to do the double bonus they came up with.

Personally, this worked out great for me. 8k makes up for the 6.5k I lost, and double bonus for the rest of the season because of 5 missed days is… Almost too good. So much free stuff I might quit. :wink: Very happy with the resolution.

Not sure if I’d be as thrilled if it had been broken all season for me and was still out 73.5k, but a 250% bonus is pretty darn sweet.


Agree this is a step in the right direction


So you sent out something for the breeding tokens just curious about the chest drop issue that’s plagued this season. Will there be anything done about that? Personally every other event I’ve had to do an uninstall and reinstall and a couple times that hasn’t even worked.


Yeah this sucks, I’ve missed about two full weeks of chest drops. But hopefully they will address that later as they havnt fully fixed that issue.
But for us heavy grinders that’s alot of chests


Agreed. I normally farm 4-5 hundred chests every event that’s alot of extra stuff that I’ve missed out on just from missing 2 events.



Since 2-3 days during fortification (probably after last update), I’m not getting anymore chests dropping but the 10rubies we get out of events, independently by the lvl of opponent I attack.

I’ve opened a ticket but got response that developer team is not aware about any issue on this sense.

I’m alone with this issue now??



Need your magic please…


Look at the post right above yours…they are aware there is an issue but haven’t been able to fix it yet. I’ve lost out on atleast 500 ish chests this season already.


Used to be done with single magical touch from server or reinstall.


That sounds like a good compensation package… 500 bronze chests lol. I think everyone is experiencing this though… comes and goes it seems… I’ll have days where I get tons… then I’ll have events where it’s all rubies
I just stopped saying anything and hopefully the compensation will be worth it :grin:


I normally farm between 250-500 chests per event so it being down 2 full events for me means I lost a min of 500. I’d take that as compensation for sure. It would be something atleast.


@Stey80, please try force closing and restarting.

@OrcaFrost, unfortunately, my magic for this issue has been unreliable lately. :sob:


So are you getting anywhere with the chest drop issue?
Would be nice to have this sorted before new season starts, hard to prepare for it when you cant grind out the bronze chests.


Would be nice to get the 1k+ chests I would have grinded out had this not been an issue. I know that’s not going to happen though you all dont care about your playerbase enough to give them what they deserve.


My chest drops are still turning on and off during events…i suspect not.