Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


same here, but luckily the “force close - force stop - delete cache - restart phone - start WD” cycle enables the chests.


Still waiting on an update about this


I randomly lost chest drops yesterday and did an uninstall reinstall to fix. It also happened during Temple Run, this seems to be getting more frequent for me going from about once a month to once every two weeks.

I also noticed I lost access to a significant portion of the store, only two packs were available to purchase at the time.


@Arelyna Are we getting any closer on fix and compensation on this, as it has put a real dent in my bronze chest total.
Don’t want another season with this


Hoping this is fixed for the upcoming season, I’m still short on chests I should have had if this was fixed.


I’m still waiting for my 100k egg token and 2k bronze chest compensation…


Support kept my ticket about chests not dropping open for a very very long time. I was hopeful that someone was tracking this issue and looking at compensation. Then it was quietly closed and a new season started with no resolution. My hopes were dashed like a cheap toy boat on a sharp rocky shore named “Ignore paying customers long enough and they just give up”


Just got rubies instead of chests yet again…


I have made about 20+ runs in atlas and have not received a single chest.


The non falling chest was for me a issue halfway last event, also after reinstalling and clearing cache, today after the update chest fall again.
But now I think I got a egg issue.


I don’t see any problem with tokens here :thinking:


New season…old token bonus expired


Was the income that low after upgrading the balloon? :see_no_evil:


Look up Mech’s Zeppelin mission table here (first up)


Than it was that low, I already miss the egg bonus :roll_eyes:. Thanks for the answers.


ehy ehy, why are there so many players who have 200% of the eggs?
I have redeemed and activated but only 100% surprise for me while many other players are having even now in the winter season the 200% bonus of the old season … we are rubbing … the 200% bonus we all want it … … I want answers and clarifications about this injustice @Arelyna @PGCrisis


It’s a bug, they usually dont get chests when having the incorrect token boost


It is never windy in Kalamazoo better to go with the hight of snow drifts


Still waiting on a resolve of the chest thing.
Personally it has worked great this season so far, but I still want my missing chests from last season or a simular compensation as the token boost, let us grind for it


@Arelyna so when can we expect to get our compensation for this that you promised, an entire season has come and gone, and it feels like this is just swept under the rug . I still lost couple of thousand bronze chest because if this.