Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


Chest drops are still broken for some people.


I wish I had more here regarding chest drops still being broken for some people. We are still working on fixing the root cause so that people will not be facing this issue further.


This happens to me almost every event on Android. I test to see if I get ruby drops, and usually the event icon is wrong (Not multi colored eggs for breeding as an example) and when it happens I reinstall. Fixed the issue last 4 or 5 events. Does not excuse the 100s or 1000s of missed chests from last season, but at least I know how to resolve the issue on my own today.


@Arelyna what exactly is being done? ‘This issue has been there since Oct 2018 Feb 2019 is around the corner. I am beyond frustrated with help desk. Myself and my teammates are noticing this issue more in the past two events. I am usually not the vocal one; PG refused to compensate and clearly there are “magic” that can change the drop rate for some but not for all. We have players with 10 Mega attack and zero drop. Help desk call it work as intended is insulting to say the least.


@Arelyna yet another event with no chest drops. No one on my team is getting any chests either. Can we get this fixed? Or at least addressed?


Same issue with our team.


Count our team in as well


Seems like a overall problem as our entire LC is complaining


I guess they decided to treat everyone equally and screw us all this week because I haven’t seen a single person say that they have gotten chest drops at all. I know I haven’t.


Is this going to be fixed anytime soon? Every week I have to delete and reinstall my app at least two if not ten times trying to get bronze chests to magically appear during events. Sometimes it works for a bit and then stops working again and I begin to receive defense tower boosts from monuments. This week it’s not just me but apparently everybody else on my team and in league chat. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the whole point of the treasure hunt is to get items to prepare for the actual event? This is getting ridiculous.


well, you are surely as hell not alone there, bud.


Having this glitch also now😑


Yupp me too.

Was not affected by this in the last 2 years 11 months, but running into this issue since 2 months on almost every event (besides the last breeding, iirc)


I thought I’m the only one having this issue, keeps reinstalling but still no chest.


This bug is different because it’s not related to atlas event and not solvable by reinstall

The previous bug solved by reinstall appeared to be a conflict between atlas event status and main game event status. The chest drop would stop when the atlas event ended. If you reinstalled before start or next atlas event then problem may reoccur when new atlas event started


Does anyone else think that a reinstall shoudn’t be the solution to a problem in the first place?
This is the only game/app I play where the devs recommend reinstalling to fix their shortcomings in design.


Another event that started and no chests last time during fortifications I managed to fix the problem with force closing and clearing the cash this time it hasn’t help at all


This is more than the normal chest drop issue that has been on going. It is having a massive impact.


Same… force closed reinstalled no chests only rubies dropping


The “magic” does not change anyone’s actual drop rates. The “magic” merely is a way for us to do the same thing clearing your cache or reinstalling would do to your game.

I wish I had more to share outside of what I previously stated. We are still working on the fix.