Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


Ok, I understand you are trying to fix it. But since it wont get fixed anytime soon, can we at least do something to address it? Maybe temporarily increase the free bronze chests to 100 a day until it’s fixed. Is that unreasonable to ask? 100 a day is still far less than most of us get from chest farming.


Well in reality why would they really want to fix it? They make more money with it being broken because they know everybody will just buy gold chests since they can’t get anything in bronze chests… I feel absolutely certain that if it were an issue with the gold chests not working it would’ve been fixed 30 minutes later…


Usually a reinstall fixes rubies for chests problem but not this time. Broken for me. I will reinstall again in 1 hour 24 mins after the event starts and see what happens. So here is the salt that PG just ignores anyway: Nice job on the treasure hunt that failed to drop any chests at all. /s


Chests are dropping for me and others on my team now


All due respect, @Lee1230 is right you need to have something in place to compensate until the engineers can fix the issue. Chests are a pretty significant feature of all events and it seems more and more players are experiencing this issue with each passing week.

Not compensation for past event issues, that’s a whole separate bundle of yarn, but an offset for this increasingly widespread glitch.


This seems like a separate issue, as it affected everyone as far as I can tell. As far as compensation, perhaps PG could do like last season, except with chests. Namely, double the drop rate and make chests drop 24/7 (rather than turning them off between events).


Atlas elite ran out this week… pg cant have any more $ till they fix chests… letting money speak is all that matters here. If youre spending then youre happy with the game. Stop spending if you want to be heard


Im still not getting chests dropping, just rubies and consumables. How many more reinstalls will this take to fix?


Post the fix so all can benefit please


It is not something that any player can do. Additionally, it is not currently working on our end either.

As a player, the equivalent is to uninstall and reinstall or to clear your cache (if on Android).


Still getting rubies so your so called compensation is worthless


same here


Situation with bronze chest drop was solved, the day of double drop rate ended and…ooops…we now have the old base drop rate which doesnt include Happiness/QoL adjustment (+30%). Are you aware of this roll back? Is it intentional or should be fixed?



Could you, please, carify the sittuation with the rollback of 30% adjustment to bronze chest drop rate?


Today I had the unfortunate surprise to see the event was not doubling the egg tokens from missions. Is it still the same issue as before? Support sent me more or less the same message as the original post, which is 4 months old (ticket #1544466)

I was really hoping to farm enough tokens to get Jul this event. I have already done my overkill uninstall and reinstall method (logging out, erase data, restart device, etc.)

Any news about this issue?


@Arelyna also experiencing this with my alt


My alt in the same team as my main doesn’t have the boost either (reinstalled twice for my main already)


I’m not getting egg tokens doubled either. Some people in LC are saying they have the same problem, some are saying they aren’t. I wonder… could this have something to do with the Valentine’s update? :thinking:


I was guessing boost won’t come till later today following timeframe of when a PvP would start. Like right now is breeding treasure hunt phase. I’m not double yet either.


There is no treasure hunt phase for minor events. The event starts when it starts and chests should be dropping and egg tokens during breeding should be doubled.

Just as a reminder to everyone, the doubled egg tokens does not apply if you have the egg token boost season line.