Issues with the Egg Token Bonus and Chest Drops


I know there ain’t a phase for it… :man_facepalming: Bad wording on my part sorry, think of it as a breeding event treasure hunt phase is better I think, imagine it, as example, :man_shrugging: how to explain it.
It’s just a theory as chests are dropping but tokens ain’t double leading to event hasn’t started 100% but only 50%, like treasure hunt.

Edit: I say this as it’s been a long while since I didn’t get the token boost, but I believe I remember this happening how I explained it above before. My memory is bad though so just a theory for another 8ish hours.

I’m base+elite this season

@mechengg Lee’s next post from here, is yours necessary?


No, I usually wait to get the token boost until after the first breeding event, and the double tokens is supposed to start when the event does, same as chests. Its yet another widespread bug screwing players out of valuable resources.


To my knowledge, it sounds like the same issue that uninstalling and reinstalling usually fixes. That being said, I will double check with the team.


No. There is no way to salvage this error on your part. What you thought is 100% incorrect. There is no unofficial “breeding treasure hunt” or anything of the sort. It is a token bonus error.


I have already uninstalled twice before being asked by support to reinstall a third time after they tried to apply a fix. It’s still not working unfortunately.

I have base tokens + elite, and I’m not the only one with this issue in my league or team.

I don’t have enough information to confirm if it happens to players who didn’t claim the seasonal bonus or not.

Hmmm :thinking: I think I’ll create a poll in a new post.


If it helps, I have the 125% bonus, and experience no issues with the Zeppelin missions.


Please choose one option per account (max 3) if you encounter this egg token mission issue (not double during Breeding event).

Thank you for your participation!

By default, X is the base value for the 1 hour egg token mission (20, 21, 22, …)

  • I don’t have elite nor the token boost (X)
  • I have elite (X+X)
  • I have the seasonal token boost (2X)
  • I have the seasonal token boost+ (2.25X)
  • I have elite and the seasonal token boost (2X+2X)
  • I have elite and the seasonal token boost+ (2.25X+2.25X)
  • Something else (please let me know so I can add it)

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Please let me know if I should increase the number of ticks per member if you have more accounts with this issue :wink:


Same with me. 125% bonus and elite and no issues with missions.

So i can’t participate in the poll since it’s working for me

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My alt have eite but not double tokens. I will add vote later.


I don’t think I should add those who encounter no issue, it would look like a really long poll and there’s already too many entries in my opinion, but thank you for your input.

It helps eliminate the possibility that the seasonal bonus players are immune to this bug (that’s not fun at all though :persevere:)

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Looks like there was an issue on our end. Everyone should begin seeing it working correctly now.


That was quick! :hugs: Thank you on behalf of everyone affected!

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Thank you so much! I’m finally back to grinding missions! I’ll be at it for hours because I have to catch up almost a day of grind :sweat_smile:

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Mine was working perfectly yesterday but i just noticed i have some issues with egg token. I have got 58+58 for 1 hr mission and i have season boost of 125% and elite @Arelyna

Fixed by mod


Emerlad tier


Thanks for such rapid fix :relaxed: I’m glad I didn’t have to reinstall the game, I’m trying to avoid it if possible.

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