Issues with the phone version

My phone account is having major issues at the moment, I have 2 accounts 1 on my iPad that I play when at home and one on my phone that I play when out and about. My phone account has been having major issues since the last event where it isn’t able to join battles and I can’t complete the egg quests for farming resources. All the other egg quests work fine but the resource ones don’t register when I attack and steal resources. I tried to login to the forums on that account to post but it keeps giving me a server timed out error message and keeps saying please try again. What the heck is going on and is anyone else having this issue.

I don’t have that problem :woman_shrugging:t2: And I always use my iPhone. Are you iOS or Android. I’m iOS maybe it only happens on Android

Android, I’m using a Sony Xperia

Not trying to be snarky but is your phone connected to your wireless at home? Start by checking that and doing a speed test on the phone.

Yes my phone is connected to my home internet when I’m a text home so I don’t use my mobile data. But I was able to do everything on myphone before but now it’s not working.

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did you run the speed test on your phone? It will tell you if your phone is getting enough bandwidth. Maybe you have other devices sucking up your available bandwidth? Not sure beyond that. Sorry

I have 2 bandwith on my internet 1 is faster than the other, my I pad uses the 5 and my phone uses the 2.5. If it was my iPad being effected I’d say you might be right since it shares the faster one with my PlayStation but my phone is the only one on the 2.5

Okay, just trying to help. I was looking for Megabits per second from the test. Hopefully they get you fixed up.

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