Istant food button

What do you think of inserting an “instant food” to level multiple levels together if you have food and xp? ( A function similar to “instant breed” ).

Raising dragons one level at a time can be annoying at first, I think being able to have a button that allows you to take it to the maximum level (until the xp, food or evolutionary stones available end) would be a great implement.


Not really a fan of multiple level ups, as it goes beyond what’s possible with manual attempts.
That said, I’ll definitely support Auto finish (or Instant pack usage) for each level ups.

It would be ok with current functionality, just tap very quickly- perhaps they should fix the bug that makes the game go out of sync with the server and forcefully restart if you do that …

Why should it go further? For example, if I can do 30 levels with this amount of food and xp the “instant food” would take me directly there without having to click 30 times.

This is the idea

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Storage cap.
With the “level skip” mechanic, it’s possible to cover the food cost using only the big pack (1.4m), while in per level case, using only those packs has potential to be capped each time.

My point is, the new mechanic shouldn’t make those deciding for one by one level ups feel worse (strict to resource wise) than those skipping levels.

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My idea does not include the use of packets in the jump, how many levels can I do with 2.6M of food and 1.68B of xp? 30? Ok " istant food button " takes me there immediately and if I want to continue i need to reload food or doing more xp.

It just has to take me to the level I would reach by manually clicking until I run out of food or xp or evolutionary stones I have at that moment.

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Instant leveling with only resources at hand seems practical, but also pretty limited with current storage. If storage size was increased to something like 10m (which I think is kinda overdue anyway) it would become really useful.


Yeah, my idea is just to skip that boring step by clicking the first levels many times until it starts asking for enough food to recharge each level :joy:

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